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Merissa Costa is played by Donna D'Errico. She appeared in Hitchcock & Scully. In the final closing flashback scene, she is played by Decker Sadowski.

In 1986, she is the wife of Gio Costa, a drug dealer who Hitchcock and Scully are after. When Gio is caught, she goes to work at Wing Slutz.

She eventually became manager at Wing Slutz, and when Hitchcock and Scully are about to be arrested by Jake and Charles she intervenes, revealing that she's using the fake name Donna, but her real name is Merissa Costa, Gio Costa's wife in hiding.


  • Later in the episode we find out that Merissa Costa is the reason Hitchcock and Scully turned into their current selves; Hitchcock and Scully ask Merissa if she's okay working at Wing Slutz, and says they're going gym, Merissa then says they need some protein for their hard bodies, she then gives them a bucket full of Wings on the house, then they changed, assuming they ate Wing Slutz everyday.
  • Merissa's fake name (Donna) is the same name for the actress that plays her (Donna D'errico)