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Melanie Hawkins (portrayed by Gina Gershon) was a former Lieutenant with the NYPD who ran a special task force charged with investigating a series of bank robberies that had been happening over the past three months. It turned out that she was dirty and her squad was really the Golden Gang, and they had actually been committing the same bank robberies they were tasked with investigating. Initially, Hawkins framed Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz for the bank robberies, but she was eventually caught and arrested.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In The Slaughterhouse, detectives Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz are trying to bust Billy Ocampo, who flees, but his accomplices are caught. It turns out however, the accomplices are actually undercover cops working for Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, who informs them she's using Ocampo to get closer to the Golden Gang bank robbers. Both Jake and Rosa idolize Hawkins, but she is furious at them for ruining her case, and injuring one of the cops on her squad. To make things right, Jake and Rosa work to generate leads on Ocampo, despite Hawkins' warning to stay off the case. Having been impressed by their previous work, she offers to allow them to assist her squad in finding Ocampo's new location. She also offers to let one of them to fill an open spot on her squad after they find Ocampo. She and Rosa chat over their shared enthusiasm of motorcycles, and with Jake, she talks about the movie Die Hard. After they catch Ocampo and transfer custody to Hawkins at the Slaughterhouse, she is impressed by their loyalty and offers both of them a position on the squad. Jake later overhears Hawkins and Ocampo discussing the sale of diamonds, revealing that shes actually a dirty cop, and her squad is really the Golden Gang that has been committing the bank robberies.

In The Bank Job, after talking to Captain Holt, Jake and Rosa decide to join Hawkins' squad to take it down from the inside. Hawkins invites the manager of Capital Trust Bank, ostensibly to warn him they have reason to believe Capital Trust is the next bank targeted for robbery. This helps her to acquire alarm schematics and blueprints, and causes Jake and Rosa to think Capital Trust will be the Gang's next target. After beating Adrian Pimento in the Slaughterhouse as part of their plan to earn her trust, Jake and Rosa are invited by Hawkins to join the squad for drinks and drugs, and she tells them to bring some coke. Jake manages to secure some primo cocaine from the evidence storage. Since undercover operatives are not allowed to partake in illegal drug use, Jake prepares some crushed up vitamin b to bring along as well, so he and Rosa can snort something that looks like cocaine, allowing them to gain Hawkins' trust without actually breaking any laws. At the bar, Hawkins tells the detectives to deposit their phones into a bag on the table, consequently leaving them unable to contact anyone from their precinct if they need backup. The next morning, Hawkins wakes Jake and Rosa up and orders them to gear up for a bank job. Using a phone Rosa stole from the bar, Jake texts Holt, asking him to bring backup. After the backup squad reaches the bank, they realize that they are at the wrong location. Hawkins' crew is busted by another police squad, while Hawkins shows up in her police gear. Jake and Rosa are arrested, and it becomes clear that Hawkins intends to frame them as leaders of Golden Gang Robbers.

In Crime & Punishment, Rosa and Jake's trial begins. In court, Melanie testifies against them, revealing the existence of two accounts in the Cayman Islands containing $26 million, and allegedly being controlled by Jake and Rosa. Running out of time to clear his name, Jake goes along with Amy to find Matthew Langdon, another person Melanie allegedly screwed over. After locating Matthew, Jake and Amy manage to convince him to testify against Hawkins. However, it is revealed that Matthew and Melanie are still working together when Matthew testifies against Jake and Rosa. The jury finds Rosa and Jake guilty and sends them to jail.

Season Five[]

In The Big House Pt. 2, Charles, Amy, and Holt tell Rosa and Jake to stall Melanie while they add an App on her phone that will prove she's been the leader of the Golden Gang the entire time. They discover that Melanie is keeping the stolen diamonds in a storage locker that is located in a bus station in Linden, New Jersey. Upon reaching the bus station, they realize they just walked in to a trap that was set by Melanie. However, Holt realizes that the diamonds are being hidden inside the pigs on Langdon's farm. With this new information, they are able to force Matthew Langdon to confess, and Melanie Hawkins is finally arrested.


  • She was one of the most revered detectives in the NYPD.
  • She's been buried alive, at least, three times.
  • A bullet got lodged in her jaw from a shootout with the Canarsie Killer. As of 2017, it traveled up to her jaw.
  • She is a bike enthusiast, and a fan of Die Hard.