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Max Prescott is a delivery guy who delivered food to Andrew Adams, a murder victim, before he was killed.

Throughout the Series[]

In The Crime Scene, Max is a delivery guy who brought food to the apartment of Andrew Adam, a murder victim. Officer Jane revealed footage of the interaction to Detectives Rosa Diaz and Jake Peralta. Two days later, Franco McCoy brought Max to the crime scene so that Rosa and Jake could question him. At first, Max mistakenly assumes that he was summoned for secretly eating french fries from his deliveries and his weed problem, both of which were denied by Rosa and Jake.

Once Rosa explained the situation with the late Adam, Max panicked at the revelation but Jake attempted to calm him by making a promise to catch the killer. Max then revealed that someone had ordered three beetroot-zucchini wraps, leading Jake to theorize that there were three people in the apartment. Rosa then asked Max to survey the room and identify any possible changes from when he had last been there. Max agreed but on entering the apartment, he was horrified at the sight of blood in the room, from the floors to the fish bowl, and began panicking again. Every time Rosa mentioned the word "stabbed", his heart would pound quickly.

This would clue Jake to the fact that the victim wore a smart watch, which he used to identify his time of death (6:03), which occurred before Max's arrival with the delivery (6:16), signifying that the murder was the one who ordered the food. This meant that Max had interacted with the murderer, so a sketch artist was brought in for Max to give a description. Unfortunately, due to Max always being high, he could not focus on the killer's face and caused the sketches to be redone. The results varied between Seth Myers, Winona Ryder, and Bilbo Baggins.