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Matthew Langdon was a former cop with the NYPD, who later began working for corrupt NYPD Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

Getting one last day to get evidence, the squad finds that they got a name related to Hawkins: Matthew Langdon, in Pennsylvania. Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago visit Langdon at his farm. He explains that he worked with Hawkins years ago and found her corruption, to which she threatened his life if he didn't flee, forcing him to exclude himself. While initially adamant to participate, he decides to help them.

In the trial, Jake brings Langdon to testify against Hawkins. However, Terry and Boyle find too late that Langdon was the one who sent the money to the bank accounts. Langdon commits perjury and testifies against Jake and Rosa. After consideration, the jury finds Jake and Rosa guilty.

Season Five[]

He is mentioned in The Big House Pt. 2 by Raymond Holt during Hawkins arrest as having confessed. This means he faced justice for his crimes and was incarcerated.