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Margaret Dozerman is Seth Dozerman's widow. She meets Jake and Amy at his funeral.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Three[]

In The Funeral, Jake and Amy enter the close friends and relatives section to try and speak to Chief Garmin. Jake lies and says his name is Tom, a man that he knows Seth knew from a fishing trip. Whilst looking for Garmin, Jake sees Margaret and offers his condolences, introducing himself as Tom. Margaret angrily asks if he was the Tom that hired all the prostitutes on the fishing trips. She angrily tell him that they had to go to therapy and the fishing trips ruined their marriage. Jake admits that he isn't Tom, he is just Jake and he only knew Seth for a few hours. Margaret than angrily asks is he's the Jake that killed her husband and Jake awkwardly lies that he is "Prostitute Tom". Chief Garmin then leads away an agitated Margaret.


Seth Dozerman[]

Margaret was Seth's wife before his death. She is shown to be upset about her husband's death and she blames Jake for his passing. She and Seth had marital troubles due to a man called Tom, who brought prostitutes on the fishing trips. The trips devastated Margaret and Seth's marriage and they had to go years of therapy. Seth's last words for Margaret was "Tell my wife I love her work ethic."