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Marcus is the nephew of Captain Raymond Holt.

During Stakeout, Marcus is new to Brooklyn and staying with Holt until he finds a place of his own. He develops a romantic relationship with Rosa Diaz although they later breakup in Into the Woods.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Stakeout, Marcus is introduced to the precinct as Captain Holt's nephew and him and Rosa are instantly attracted. Through Holt, Marcus asks if Rosa is single and Rosa says that she is but if Marcus wants her number then he has to ask her for it himself. Rosa and Marcus begin a relationship but Rosa breaks it off due to awkwardness with Holt. Holt later says that they can work it out if Rosa wants to begin a relationship with Marcus.

In Beach House, Marcus buys Rosa a charger so that they can long distance text. They kiss and say goodbye. Later, Rosa accidentally hurts Marcus's feelings via text and asks Charles to help. Charles gets them back on track but tells Rosa that she needs to write the last text. She does and Marcus sends a shirtless photo. Rosa thanks Charles and runs off to send one back.

In Boyle-Linetti Wedding, Charles asks why Rosa didn't bring Marcus and she doesn't want to rush things. Rosa later realises that she is a coward for not rushing into things and invites Marcus. Rosa and Marcus say they love each other and kiss but Charles interrupts the moment.

In AC/DC, Marcus and Rosa go for dinner with Captain Holt and Kevin. Marcus enjoys the dinner despite awkwardness between Holt and Rosa. During the dinner, Rosa reveals to Holt that she might be pregnant, causing further awkwardness between them.

In Johnny and Dora, Marcus is the sole attendee at Rosa's birthday party as he knows that she doesn't like big parties. He says that Charles is the one who advises him to rent the entire bar for Rosa. He realizes, however, that they should have kept the bartender as he doesn't know how to make drinks.

Season Three[]

In Into the Woods, Rosa admits that she wants to break up with Marcus as he wanted to get married but Rosa did not feel ready for it. Holt helps her by advising her on how to do it without hurting Marcus's feelings. Rosa later breaks up with Marcus and Marcus gets emotional as well as confused when Rosa tries to sneak out of the window.

In The Swedes, Rosa mentions that she had broke up with Marcus a month or so ago to Jake, who had no clue.


Marcus is the nephew of Captain Holt and the two appear to be on friendly terms. Marcus is shown to be friendly, thoughtful and very emotional (even crying at a fridge commercial).


  • Amy mentions that Raymond Holt is one of two children in Your Honor, thus his mother must be Debbie.
  • Marcus is Rosa's first on-screen love interest.
  • Marcus's favourite singer is Beyonce, as Rosa stated that "Marcus loves Beyonce."[1]