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Marc Evan Jackson is an American actor. He portrays Kevin Cozner, Captain Raymond Holt's husband, on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is also the host of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Podcast.

He appeared in many of Michael Schur's shows including a recurring role as Trevor Nelson in Parks and Recreation. He also had a recurring role as Shawn in NBC's The Good Place. He is the host of The Good Place: The Podcast.

On a separate network, he has a recurring role as Gene in ABC's Splitting Up Together presently.


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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Podcast[]

  • Part 1: Getting the Squad Together
  • Part 2: Relationship Goals
  • Part 3: Be Our Guest...Star
  • Part 4: Truth in Comedy
  • Part 5: Ain’t No Heist Like a Halloween Heist
  • Part 6: From Flatline to Flat Nine