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Officer Maldack is an NYPD uniformed officer who racially profiled Terry Jeffords.

Throughout The Series[]

Season Four[]

In Moo Moo, he stopped Terry while he was walking around his neighbourhood, and tried to arrest him but let him go after he found out he was a cop. Terry ended up not filing an official complaint, because he didn't want to start anything, and instead decided to just sit down and have a conversation with him.

They sat down to talk, and Officer Maldack then racially profiled Terry by saying he stopped him because he didn't look like he belonged in his neighborhood, and tried to shift the blame for the ordeal onto Terry because he didn't have his badge on him. He then refused to apologize because he was just "doing his job".

Terry attempts to submit a complaint against Maldack in the episode, but captain holt refuses saying “I’m not going to submit this.” Terry exclaims that he knows he wouldn’t be profiled by police in his home precinct yet it happened just one precinct over.

At the end of the episode, Captain Holt comes to his senses and agreed to Terry filing an official complaint against him.