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McClane "Mac" Peralta is the son of Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. He was born in the season 7 finale, "Lights Out".


Mac is Jake and Amy's son who was born sometime in September 2020. He is approximately two years old at the end of the series due to the time jump.

Physical Appearance

In "Lights Out", Charles says that Mac has Jake's face. Mac, like both his parents, has brown hair and brown eyes. In "Renewal" we can see a flashback of Holt and Jake talking about Mac with Holt saying that he had Amy's eyes. He is part Cuban on the part of his maternal family.

Throughout the Series

Season Seven

In Ding Dong, Amy begun hormone treatments to help with conceiving a child. After speaking to her doctor, she took a pregnancy test, which comes back positive.

In Admiral Peralta, Jake and Amy found out that they were expecting a baby boy.

In Lights Out, Amy goes into labor at the precinct during a blackout. She gives birth to Mac in the precinct before being transferred to a hospital.

Season Eight

In The Lake House, Mac is brought along when the Nine-Nine takes a trip to Holt’s lake house. Amy struggles to put a crying Mac to sleep and begrudgingly accepts Boyle’s help. However, Boyle accidentally locks Mac inside of his room, leading Amy to run into and break down the door. However, the time Mac spent locked inside was the longest he had ever slept.

In Balancing, Mac is revealed to be 10 months old. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amy was forced to stay on maternity leave longer than she had planned. Amy's been freaking out about how Mac was old enough to pull himself up and how he hadn't done that yet. Jake and Amy find managing work and Mac to be a struggle after his daycare closes due to a lice outbreak and they are forced to take him to the precinct. They interview several candidates to be his babysitter but, none of them were a good match. Jake and Amy leave Mac in Scully’s care, however Scully injures himself, leaving Mac without a babysitter again. Eventually, Jake later discovers that one of the candidates that was interviewed for the position of Mac’s babysitter was actually a serial killer whom he had been tracking for over a decade. Jake ultimately decides to pass on the opportunity to arrest him so that Amy could make her Police Reform meeting which had been preponed. He's on the phone with Charles talking about the killer when he sees Mac pull himself up for the first time.

In The Last Day, amidst Amy’s promotion to chief of the NYPD reform program, Jake decides to quit the force to be a stay-at-home dad.


  • He's played by Axel Fumero, Melissa Fumero's actual son. (Melissa Fumero is the actor of Amy Santiago.)
  • This timeline shows that Mac was born in September.
  • He is named after John McClane, from his Dad's favourite movie series Die Hard.
  • He is the third character to be born on the show after Ava Jeffords and Enigma.
  • He once threw Amy's last pair of contact lenses down the toilet.