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"M.E. Time" is the fourth episode of Season One of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired 8th October 2013 to 3.34 million viewers.

Episode Synopsis[]

Jake flirts with an attractive medical examiner at a crime scene and delays the autopsy report, only to learn that she's more than he bargained for. In the meantime, the sketch artist is out sick when Amy takes on a purse-snatching case, but she discovers that Jeffords has hidden artistic talents. Amy tries to determine why Holt is in a bad mood.


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Amy is on a date at a restaurant and she gets a call from Jake who says there is a lead on a strangler and then gives a description of the killer. The description is an exact description of Amy's date. Mid-description, the camera pans over Amy's shoulder to show Jake as he is talking. Amy gets suspicious and asks where he is and then he walks up to them and introduces himself as Amy's boss. Amy asks why he is there and he says that he is also on a date and he noticed at that moment that his date was leaving, so he ran after her saying that the prank was worth it. Opening credits roll.

At the Precinct, Jake updates the scoreboard now showing Peralta: 51, Santiago: 50. He brags about his recent 5 arrests, and cuts to previously standing on his desk bragging while Charles puts Mentos in coke, causing the coke shoot up, splashing onto the ceiling as everyone celebrates. Terry asks for updates on open cases. Charles introduces his case of a DOA, Terry makes him primary with Jake and Rosa to assist. Holt enters requesting everyone’s monthly crime statistics as they are due in by tomorrow.

As they’re dismissed Amy catches up with Boyle to tell him that Jake is a terrible secondary as he always tries to take over. Jake boasts that he’s a good secondary. Cut to a previous day when Amy is interviewing a perp and Jake is shouting through the glass to ask about his bank account. She continues to ignore him and he starts banging on the glass and eventually breaking it, and blaming it on Amy. Jake swears to be a great secondary to Charles on the case. He tells Charles to take his bag and after being given a look by Amy he tells Charles that he can pick the music. They are then in the car listening to Charles sing along to consider yourself from Oliver.

Meanwhile at the precinct, Amy notice that Holt has been staring at a picture of himself. Holt then stated that he hated the picture, and immediately throw it into the garbage bin. Confused, Amy asks Rosa, who reveals that Holt possibly in a bad mood due to his recent behavior.

At the victim apartment, Jake immediately makes fat jokes and states he must be at least 500 pounds after seeing the corpse of the victim. Jake goes to take lead and then lets Charles ask the other police officer what happened. Rosa asks Charles what he wants and Jake interjects stating it as natural causes due to all the heart medicine and hospital equipment around the apartment. He instructs Rosa to check the bathroom and Charles to check the bedroom and says he’ll check the kitchen.

At the Sarge’s desk, Amy approaches and asks that due to his artistic skills if he could draw a perp for her. She adds that Holt wants it done right away and seems in a bad mood. Terry questions that he can never read him, cut to a previous day where Holt where’s a blank expression and states he looks chipper. Holt tells him that there was a small fire at his house over the weekend which destroyed photo albums he cherished adding he’s devastated. Amy brings the victim over to Terry who begins drawing the perp.

Back at the DOA’s apartment Rosa reprimands Jake for his fat jokes and bulldozing Charles when he’s the primary. Jake agrees to do nothing until instructed by Charles. Charles is talking to the wife and asks her some questions about the mornings events. The pathologist, Dr Rossi, enters and heads to the body, Jake sees her and heads over to flirt.

At the precinct Holt asks for an update on the case from Boyle who remains sure its natural causes but is waiting for the autopsy results. He praises Jake for volunteering to talk to her and get the results.

Jake is having dinner with Dr Rossi in a fancy restaurant.

The next day, Charles arrives at the precinct and asks Jake for the results from the autopsy. As Charles goes to his desk Jake goes over to Amy’s where she’s there with Rosa. Jake asks them to keep a secret and proceeds to tell them that he slept with the pathologist the night before. He asks for their advice over whether the sex was weird or sexy. Cut back to last night, she rubs ice on his lips as she likes them cold, tells him that she’d like to crack his chest and handle his organs, Jake lies on the floor pretending to be a dead body for her to examine and play out a scenario of how he died and what shed be looking at. Rosa and Amy agree that it was weird, and they both reprimand him for being a terrible secondary.

Terry is in the break room finishing his fourth sketch of the perp, Amy asks when he’ll be done and gives her 10 minutes. She‘s happy as she wants to finish the case and give Holt something to cheer him up. Scully declares its impossible to read him so how would she know. Cut to a previous day where Holt shouts at Scully and tells him how incompetent his report was, slamming it down on the desk.

Holt approaches Boyle for his paperwork on the DOA, he tells him he’s still yet to receive the results of the autopsy. Jake overheard and volunteers to go himself and get the results.

Charles goes to Rosa’s desk to share some information on the case, he’s found the bill for the tickets for the cruise and shows only one ticket purchased. He questions the autopsy results again and says that Jake went over an hour ago, they both head over to find out what’s going on.

In the morgue, Rosa notices that Dr Rossi’s buttons are done up wrong. Charles asks about the results and if she’d seen Jake. A cough reveals him in one of the drawers. Rosa reprimands Jake again but he says it wasn’t important as its natural causes. She reveals they think it could be murder and Dr Rossi says she hasn‘t gotten to that body yet and she let her assistant go so she could sleep with Jake. He volunteers to be her secondary to get the results.

Dr Rossi asks Jake to hold open a chest cavity, she finds stress on the heart which they would have found.

At the precinct, Holt spots Amy has caught the perp with the picture Terry drew, even the perp was happy with it. Amy begins to praise Terry but Holt interjects saying he wants the paperwork by noon. Amy, looking at the picture gets an idea, as asks Sarge for one more drawing. She retrieves the picture of Holt that he threw away and is adamant it will cheer him up. Sarge calls out for his oils.

Dr Rossi states that the victim is one of the most unhealthy people she’s ever seen, like an overstuffed ravioli. She continues and pulls out the large intestine and listens to the air being released.

Amy walks into Holt’s office with her hands behind her back, she shows him the painting Terry did for him to cheer him up. Holt explains he threw it away because he thinks it’s ostentatious to hang a picture of yourself on the wall and he feels as though he hasn’t earned it. He instead asks for her paperwork, which she reveals she has already completed.

Dr Rossi hands Jake a large bag which contains the victim‘s stomach contents, she then shows him scarring on the liver which suggests death by ingested poison. Jake goes to tell Boyle and Dr Rossi suggests he stay for a little while longer but he refuses, vowing no more weird dead guy sex for me.

Amy heads into Holts office again carrying a stack of papers. She claims she knows why he’s been in a bad mood, because he’s worried about the monthly crime statistics. She slams the pile down and explains gleefully that the numbers have stayed the same since he started. He questions how that is cheering him up, she explains that they nearly always go down under new leadership so this is improvement. He thanks her and she leaves dropping papers all over the desk and quickly gathering them as she leaves.

In the interrogation room Charles explains to the victim’s wife that they know she killed him and that she only bought one ticket. They ask why she killed him and she says he had constant affairs driving her to it. Boyle arrests her.

Rosa admires Sarge’s painting of Holt which Terry slates. Holt approaches and says he’ll give the painting to his husband.

At Shaw's Rosa, Charles and Jake celebrate, they both praise Charles being primary and Jake apologises for his behaviour. Charles gets a message that they need to send over all the files for bail. Jake volunteers to finish the paperwork.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti (credit only)
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Mary Elizabeth Ellis ... Dr. Rossi
Becky Thyre ... Mrs. Patterson
Houston Rhines ... Gabe
Amanda Reed ... Sue
Martinez ... Purse Snatcher
Wayne Lopez ... Arnie Miller
Gregoer Boru ... Tattooed Perp (uncredited)

Running Gags[]

Title of Amy's Sex Tape[]

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  • When Amy says that she could "go on and on," Jake tells her that that's something no lover of hers has ever said to her.


  • The episode scored 3.34 million U.S. viewers.