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Officer Lou Vargas is an NYPD uniformed police officer.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In 48 Hours, he gives Jake Peralta the lowdown on a jewelry store robbery that matches Dustin Whitman's M.O.

Season Two[]

In Undercover, he comes to Rosa Diaz's desk and tells her that there's a confused old woman who wants to talk to a detective. (This woman turns out to Terry role-playing like an old woman)

In The Chopper, he and a fellow officer is guarding Reggie Bludsoe's hospital room when Jake calls to check if Bludsoe is still in police custody. Officer Lou tells Jake that they do have him; but upon looking into the room, he sees that Bludsoe has escaped and disappeared. Season Three

In Maximum Security, he walks into the storage room where the squad is holding a secret meeting. Officer Lou asks if he's interrupting something. Capt. Holt said they just all came in separately and started chatting.

Season Five[]

In HalloVeen, he catches Bill on the rooftop of the 99th Precinct and tells him that only authorized personnel are allowed up here. When Bill turns around, Officer Lou mistaken him for Det. Boyle and corrects himself. "Charles" (Bill) tells him, "Get better eyes, you moron." Lou is stunned. When Charles learns about the interaction, he says he's friends with Officer Lou. Bills tells him not anymore and that Lou was very upset.