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Detective Lohank sits at Rosa's desk on weekends. His life has been shown to be surprisingly very hard at certain times. Lohank is the arch nemesis of Rosa's.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In The Apartment, Lohank comes in and sits at Rosa's desk on the weekend. Rosa hates him and it is revealed that he shaves at her desk so frequently that he has jammed the R key of her computer keyboard with stubble. After, they catch him in the act, Charles and Rosa hatch a plan to get back at him and fill his locker with shaving cream and loose hair.

However, after having a conversation with him, the detectives learn that Lohank is having marital problems with his wife, Nancy. She fell down the stairs a year prior, broke her back and became addicted to painkillers. To make matters worse, during a fight with his spouse the night before, Lohank stormed out and left the door ajar. Their dog Cinnamon escaped and was hit by a drunk driver. It is also revealed that he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Once learning of Lohank's personal problems, Rosa and Charles rush to clean his locker.

Season Three[]

In Into the Woods, he lends his summer cabin dubbed "Stink Puddle Manor" to Jake, Charles, and Terry for a "babymoon." He claims he is unable to smell since starting radiation therapy for his cancer.

Season Four[]

In The Night Shift, with the squad transferred to the night shift, Lohank appears as a better version of himself since being in the day shift. He also reveals to Jake that he had a testicle removed (possibly due to his prostate cancer spreading). Later, Lohank also gives Jake advice about Nikolaj and Charles.


Rosa Diaz[]

Rosa and Lohank have a negative relationship as Lohank shaves at his desk and jammed her 'R' key. Rosa, with Charles, even go as far as to plan revenge against Lohank by filling his locker with shaving cream and loose hair, only to find out he was having a hard time and frantically tried to clean his locker.

Jake Peralta[]

Lohank gave emotional advice to Jake after Charles prioritised Nikolaj over the case they were working, leading to Jake giving Nikolaj a Trash Truck.