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Lexi is the girlfriend of Michael Augustine. While undercover, Jake and Amy have to convince Lexi that they are a recently engaged couple. She appears in Johnny and Dora.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Johnny and Dora, Jake and Amy are assigned to follow identity thief, Michael Augustine to a nice restaurant. They see him get out his car with Lexi and are confused as to what he's doing. They realise that he is taking her out before meeting the buyer and Jake and Amy follow them in. The restaurant is very busy so in order to get a table, Jake and Amy pose as a newly engaged couple, Johnny and Dora in front of the hostess. She lets them in and they sit down, prepared to drop the act. However, Michael and Lexi are sat next to them as they have witnessed this exchange, in order to keep up their cover, Jake and Amy continue as Johnny and Dora. Lexi is happy for them and asks them a series of questions about their engagement such as when they met and how they knew each other was the one.


Lexi is shown to be very excitable and have a stereotypical "bimbo" personality as she readily believes the stories that Jake and Amy tell her are true despite the fact a lot of them are quite strange and far fetched. She is also a romantic as she wants to know all the details about Johnny and Dora's engagement.


Lexi: [gasps] You're the couple that just got engaged.

Jake: That's us, Johnny and Dora, a couple...for sure.

- Johnny and Dora

Lexi: So, how did you know she was the one?

Jake: I'd love to answer that. Um, you know, just whenever I look at her face and the attached physique.

Lexi: And you? [to Amy]

Amy: Uh...He makes me laugh.

Jake: And, you know, there's really no one else's opinion who I care about more than hers, so...

- Johnny and Dora

Lexi: Okay, so enough chitchat. Let's see the ring!

Amy: I... don't have it on me.

Jake: She has gigantic fingers.

- Johnny and Dora

Lexi: Good luck on your wedding, guys. Oh, have fun on your honeymoon.

Amy : We will. We're going to Waco, Texas.

Lexi : Huh. Okay, bye.

- Johnny and Dora