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Laverne Kinnebrew Holt is the judge for the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, formerly holding the position on the Ninth Circuit. She is the mother of Debbie and Raymond Holt, and the grandmother of Marcus.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Your Honor, Laverne's home got broken into while she was out. Capt. Holt put Jake Peralta on the case to solve it. During the investigation, Holt and Jake suspect George Kenderson, one of the members who appears to be following Laverne. Later, Laverne tells Jake that, in reality, she and George Kenderson were in a relationship.


  • Amy Santiago wrote Laverne's (fictional) Wikipedia page.
  • When speaking to her, Raymond Holt addresses her as "Your Honor" due to her being a federal judge.
  • She became one of the first black, female, federal judges while singlehandedly raising both Raymond and Debbie Holt.
  • Is a wine lover, and member of a wine club.