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Lacey Jeffords is the twin sister of Cagney Jeffords, the older sister of Ava Jeffords, and the daughter of Terry and Sharon Jeffords.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In The Ebony Falcon, Cagney and Lacey are seen when Jake and Charles come to see Terry to discuss the case. Jake and Charles see Terry putting the girls to bed and being a good father. They realise that Terry is a very good dad and become reluctant to put him in danger on the case.

Season Two[]

In The Mole, it is revealed that Cagney and Lacey attend a pre-school called the Learning Grove. It is also revealed that Terry wants to send his girls to private school. Later, Rosa tells Terry that he's the best dad she knows and that Cagney and Lacey are gonna grow up great. Terry said that they're gonna be twin presidents.

In The Chopper, it is revealed that Terry and Sharon are trying to get Cagney and Lacey into a magnet school which is why Terry has invited Nancy Sussman, the head teacher to come for a school trip.

Season Three[]

In Halloween, Part III, Sharon comes into the precinct with Cagney and Lacey who are dressed like police officers. Sharon asks Jake to take a photo with the girls as if he's assigning them a case but he refuses as he wants to ensure Holt doesn't steal the crown. Sharon takes a photo and thanks Jake.

In Adrian Pimento, it is revealed that Terry throws Cagney and Lacey's drawings in the bin as they all look the same.

Season Four[]

In Moo Moo, Jake and Amy are babysitting Cagney and Lacey and they ask them some very tough questions about why their father got in trouble. They were told it was because he was black.

Season Six[]

In Casecation, Terry talks about how much he loves his girls but that being a parent is hard work. He also said his daughters are manipulative and provided an example at how he went in to help Cagney the day before, when she pretended to be hurt so that Lacey could sneak in the kitchen and steal two cookies.

Season Seven[]

In Ding Dong, Jake tells Charles and Terry that he has managed to get 4 tickets to the premiere of Kwazy Cupcakes: The Movie. Both Charles and Terry try to convince Jake to take them, as Nikolaj Boyle and Cagney and Lacey jeffords, love the game the movie is based on. Charles and Terry bring them into work under pretense that Jake has already given the tickets to them. After Jake becomes fed up with their behavior, he decides to bring neither of them, but instead takes all 3 to the movie.


  • Cagney and Lacey is the title of a 1980s police procedural television series. The two main characters were female cops named Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey.
  • Both she and Cagney were conceived to "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child.
  • In Ava, Sharon revealed that she had a horrible experience giving birth to Cagney and Lacey. She said they pushed her into having a C-section, didn't have enough rooms and the anaesthesiologist was a med-student who stabbed her in the spinal cord 10 times before he got it right.
  • In The Chopper, Terry said Lacey is more of a traditional-type prodigy out of his twin girls.
  • Terry said in Det. Dave Majors, Lacey once slept for twelve hours.