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Kylie is Amy Santiago's best friend (referred to as her only friend, at least outside the squad).

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In M.E. Time, she is mentioned at the beginning of the episode as Amy is out on a date with Gabe, an acquaintance of Kylie's.

In 48 Hours, Amy tells Jake that she has a date with a guy who works with her friend. Jake, knowing this friend has to be Kylie, looks at Kylie's Facebook to find out who it is. Kylie only has seven male coworkers so Jake is able to figure out that Amy has a date with a man named Luke Mueller.

Season Four[]

In Chasing Amy, Kylie appears for the first time when Jake and Rosa visit her while searching for Amy who has gone AWOL moments before her sergeant's exam. Kylie tells Rosa that she likes Jake, but not as Amy's boyfriend or as a Trivia teammate. She accessed their database and confirmed for Jake that Amy likely checked out a familiar case file recently. Kylie repeatedly mocks Jake's Trivia Night mistakes throughout the scene. At the end of the episode, Kylie, Amy and Jake team up again at Trivia Night, despite Kylie apparently making Amy promise to never bring Jake back to Trivia Night again. Amy requests the Topic "Transformers" for Jake, but he is unable to answer even the first question, making Kylie annoyed.

Season Five[]

In Bachelor/ette Party, Kylie threw Amy a bachelorette party. Kylie finds out in a game of 'Never Have I Ever' that Amy had a one-night stand with the lead singer of the band that played at her wedding, prompting her to tell Amy that Jake had booked the same band for their wedding when Kylie suggested it, assuming Amy liked them. Kylie went with them to Bed-Stuy to get the singer out of the gig. Kylie's quirks also made Gina want to make fun of her, especially when she couldn't berate Amy for the duration of the evening due to a promise.


Amy Santiago[]

Kylie is mentioned to be Amy's only friend. She also appears to be Amy's main source of dates as most of Amy's dates appear to be acquaintances of Kylie. In turn, Amy is also her best friend. Kylie states that she doesn’t like Jake as a boyfriend for Amy.


  • According to her social media page, shown in M.E. Time, Kylie attended New York University.
  • Kylie has seven male coworkers.
  • Kylie is trivia teammates with Amy and sometimes Jake at Shaw's Bar.
  • Kylie and Jake seem to not be very big fans of each other, apparently often bumping heads.