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Kyle Murphy is a member of the Murphy crime family, but was kicked out for losing his uncle Seamus' Rolls Royce. He is shown to be very thick-headed.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In The Favor, Jake believes that Kyle may be the best way in to the schemes of the Murphy crime family, as he is a "weak link". Upon discovering that Kyle was actually kicked out, Jake puts into action a plan to get him back in. Jake and Charles come up with a plan to get Kyle to "recognize" his uncle's car, but Kyle is so dumb that he doesn't notice until Jake and Charles specifically say it, also getting hit by a car whilst celebrating on the streets over "his" find.

The plan works and Kyle is back in the family, and the 99th Precinct discovers what Seamus Murphy is planning to do. The detectives put a stop to the plan. Later, Jake and Boyle discovered that Seamus believes that Kyle may have run his mouth and told someone; so to protect him, Jake arrests Kyle for "unpaid parking violations."


  • His driver license's photo is him riding a roller coaster.
  • His father had to pay $200,000 so that he could get into the University of Arizona.
  • He has never had a job.
  • He likes to watch "Finding Bigfoot".
  • He practices magic.
  • He raps.
  • He accidentally ordered 100 standing lamps.
  • He doesn't know who his birth-mother is.