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Gina Linetti playing Kwazy Cupcakes

Kwazy Cupcakes is a game that squad members play, particularly Gina, Terry, Hitchcock, Charles and Holt. It is designed to be addictive, giving arbitrary senses of accomplishment with flashy colors, sounds and a map that you need to get across, including places like sprinkle city. Captain Raymond Holt overcame his addiction to the game when he found out Hitchcock played it too.

In the Stakeout, "No Kwazy Kupcakes" was included On Charles' no-no list, meaning that he played it too.

The game later has been turned into reality by RED Interactive Agency and is available on multiple mobile devices.

In Ding Dong, Jake has 4 tickets to the Kwazy Kupcakes movie premiere, and Charles and Terry Fight for who should get the tickets.