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Agent Kendrick is an agent for Homeland Security and is in charge of the multi-agency counter-terrorism drill.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Windbreaker City, Kendrick is in charge of the multi-agency drill. Terry is excited about being invited to the drill and thanks Kendrick. The agent is dismissive about the NYPD for not being a federal agency, expressing sarcastically about how he admires people that have stuck to their dream jobs since they were kids, dreaming of being princesses and cops.

Jake is offended by this and tells him he is going to win the drill, only to have Kendrick assign the NYPD as hostages. This annoys Jake further and he and the rest of the 99 break free and defeat the agency assigned as "terrorists". Kendrick finds them and tells them it's over but Jake challenges him to see who wins the drill, which Kendrick agrees to.

The two teams fight and eventually only Kendrick and Jake are left. Kendrick comes out of hiding revealing that he isn't armed. Jake is pleased to have won, but then Kendrick reveals that he had a weapon taped to his back which he takes out and shoots Jake, thus winning the tournament. Jake is annoyed but states that they will win next year, however Kendrick tells them they are not being invited back after what they did.


  • He went to law school, a fact he is quite proud of and arrogantly brags about.