Captain Keith Pembroke, better known by his derogatory nickname "The Vulture" by the 99th Precinct, is a member of the NYPD's Major Crimes Unit.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

In The Vulture, he is first introduced when he comes in to take over Jake's case. Jake is annoyed and decides to solve the case himself with the others whilst drunk. They manage to solve the case but Holt is annoyed. Pembroke is very angry until Jake agrees to give him the credit and he leaves.

In Operation: Broken Feather, he comes to take over another case before it's solved. Jake asks the others to delay him whilst they get a signed confession from his perp. Although the others fail to delay him well enough as he manages to get past Charles spilling coffee on him, Rosa flirting with him and even tear gas. However, when he arrives he sees that Jake has solved the case with a fully signed confession.

Season Three[edit | edit source]

In New Captain, Pembroke is introduced as the new Captain of the 99th precinct, after Capt. Seth Dozerman's death. He tells them that things will get much worse now that he is their Captain compared to his past attitudes to them.

In The Funeral, Jake attempts to befriend Pembroke but he rejects him as he knows that Amy and Jake planned this. He bans Jake and Amy from pursuing a relationship as it gives them a chance to talk and plot against him. Jake and Amy plan to speak to Chief Garmin to complain and get him removed. However Pembroke finds out and demotes Jake to a beat cop. In desperation, Jake and Amy go to Holt for help but he refuses to as he doesn't work there and has no authority over Pembroke. Eventually Holt does help by convincing him to let Amy and Jake have a relationship in exchange for appearing in the NYPD PR campaign.

In The Oolong Slayer, Pembroke has a bet with another captain about who can make the most arrests so he tells the precinct they can only solve small cases or as he puts it "Only misdemeanours, Weiners". Jake secretly works with Holt undercover to catch the Oolong Slayer. Pembroke also asks Rosa and Amy to plan his party for him just because they are women and he thinks that all women love planning parties. After they get caught, Pembroke suspends him but is presumably removed when Holt returns. At his party, Rosa and Amy hire him to play at his own party as everything he does is a joke against himself.

In Yippie Kayak, Pembroke is in charge of the hostage situation that Jake, Charles, and Gina are stuck in. He wants to storm the building but Terry manages to convince him not to do this at first. However, Pembroke insists and threatens Terry's job. Terry then takes him outside and throws him in a garbage bin.

Season Five[edit | edit source]

In The Venue, the vulture returns to ruin the lives of the 99th precinct once again, he comes to steal Jake and Amy's wedding venue and use it for his own wedding, it turns out that the vulture is cheating on his fiancée Jean Munhroe. So Jake and Amy try to take a page out of the vultures book once again and they attempt to blackmail him into giving them back the venue. The Vulture tells them that if they keep quiet, they can have their venue back. Unfortunately, Jake and Amy's moral compasses take over, and the Vulture gets a face full of rice.

Season Six[edit | edit source]

In Sicko, he along with Madeline Wuntch and C.J arrive at the 99th precinct, shortly after Jake tells Holt that they need to team up with their old enemy.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pembroke is extremely obnoxious, condescending, sexist, arrogant, and lazy. He has an incredible habit of taking over the NYPD's best cases when they are 98% completed and takes the credit for himself without having to do any work. Pembroke only shows up when the situation is almost over, hence his nickname, "The Vulture". He treats everyone with complete disrespect and incredible pomposity and generally acts like a jerk. Although, he once admitted that he is quite religious and respectful within a church. Pembroke is also incredibly self-praising, thinking himself to be an intelligent, skilled detective when he does not do a complete case by himself that is worth praise.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Jake Peralta[edit | edit source]

Jake and Pembroke dislike each other immensely. Jake is annoyed that Pembroke steals his cases and Pembroke deliberately antagonizes him. Pembroke attempts to break Amy and Jake up for his own gains. The Vulture also sexually harasses Peralta, repeatedly slapping Jake's "Pasty white ass".

Rosa Diaz[edit | edit source]

Although Rosa dislikes Pembroke she is attracted to him as she says she is only attracted to creeps. It is possible that something happened between them as Rosa knows the location of his apartment and she is seen openly flirting with him as a distraction when he attempts to steal a case.

Terry Jeffords[edit | edit source]

Terry dislikes Pembroke especially when Pembroke makes the wrong choices. Pembroke dislikes him also and attempts to get him fired although he respects the fact that Terry is "shredded" and says that if he's fired he will end up working as a model. Terry later puts him in the garbage and takes control of the hostage situation.

Amy Santiago[edit | edit source]

Pembroke is seen flirting with Amy, though she always rebuffs him, once telling him to "die lonely". She acts disgusted towards him. She clearly holds a lot of disdain for him, because of his personality and tendency to steal her cases right before she can solve them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He owns a motorcycle.
  • He lives on Third, near Shaw's Bar.[1]
  • When Dean Winters was first cast, it was mentioned in media that Pembroke's first name was Warren. This is contradicted later in the series where his first name is shown to be Keith on his placard in the nine-nine captain's office and Capt. K. Pembroke appears on the door.[2]
  • He said he only has one shot with his deceased brother's hot wife.
  • He said his favorite color is Underboob.
  • He plays in a band, "Fantastic Jack and the Junkyard Rats".
  • Pembroke owns the "Vladimir Putin" range of underwear.
  • He likes Tila Tequila
  • In The Venue, his first name (Keith) is actually said.
  • He has implied that he has a large penis as it was put next to what Jake presumed a mini soda can but turned out to be a regular soda can.
  • He likes:premium tequila, Protein shakes, hunting, exercise, puks, chunky bracelets, tila tequila, robin thicke, martial arts, nipslips, motorcycles.
  • He smokes.
  • He shot a dog in Utah which he claims is a wolf.
  • His dream job is Captain of the 69th precinct.
  • During his short time as the Nine-Nine's captain, he changed the filing system, and set up a kettlebell station and a fridge for his protein shakes.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Pembroke: Hey, should we take odds on how fast I'll solve this case?

Peralta: Nope.

Pembroke: I mean, what was it with Diaz's last "impossible extortion" case? Was it six hours?

Diaz: That's because it was 98% solved.

Pembroke: The last two percent's the hardest to get. That's why they leave it in the milk.

- The Vulture

Pembroke: Stay foxy. Santiago: Die lonely.

The Vulture

Pembroke: Now, I know we have our history, me vulturing your cases, me telling you to eat my farts, but that's all in the past, 'cause now that I run this precinct, things are gonna get much, much worse. So suck it.

New Captain

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