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Katherine Joyner is Doug Judy's Wife. 

Season Seven[]

Katherine Joyner is introduced as Doug Judy's fiancée when Rosa brings in a perp with an invitation to the wedding of Douglas Judy and Katherine Joyner.

Jake then finds Doug at a pottery painting a cup to try and get him to invite him to the wedding. He does eventually invite him but he has to pretend to be a criminal because his groomsmen are all criminals.

Before they take off in a multi-million dollar private plane, Mark Cuban from Shark Tank show's up to congratulate Doug and to tell him to take car on the plane. They apparently met when Doug went on to Shark Tank to implement the "Smush Shush" a noise cancelling sex blanket which is overly heavy and the reason that Barbara Corcoran didn't invest.

When they land in Miami in Mark Cuban's private plane, they change into Miami chic which make Jake question he could wear it whilst being politically correct because he was white and not black like Doug or his friends.

Doug's friends stole diamonds the instant they got to the hotel where Trudy Judy was waiting because she got out on good behaviour and rats Jake out as a narc. When Jake finds out they stole the diamonds they to a reverse heist and put they diamonds back but the three groomsmen still went to jail after Jake hidden in a maid's cart and wearing the smush shush called for reinforcements.

Doug wanted this to happen because Katherine didn't want any criminals at the wedding and then hands him the cup he was painting at the pottery. It said "Will you be my best man" on the inside and he said yes.