Kate Peralta is Jake Peralta‘s younger half sister and the daughter of Roger Peralta. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season FiveEdit

Shortly after Jake found out about having half-sisters, he got in contact with the three. Kate was the only one who responded. She flew up to New York to meet Jake in DFW. On the plane, Kate got into trouble after slapping a stewardess with her fist and was escorted out and cuffed by guards upon landing. Kate is embarrassed and says she will leave Jake and Amy, but Jake overlooks the situation and insists on getting to know each other. Over dinner, they bond over the neglect they both experienced from their father.

Amy and Jake are horrified when Kate tries to get out of paying for their dinner by pretending that she was served food with pieces of glass. Jake tries to understand and justify her behavior. Kate stays at Jake and Amy's apartment during her stay, and on her first night brings home the human statue performer William from the Times Square and sleeps with him. Kate decides to extend her two-day stay and move to New York, planning on conning her way through her days.

Realizing that he can't handle having her around, Jake flies Kate's ex-boyfriend Kurt to Brooklyn so they could get back together and return to Dallas. William arrives as they're packing her things, and Kurt gets angry. Jake angrily sends him away for mistreating Kate, but not before she finds out that Jake had begged Kurt to take her back to Dallas. Kate angrily storms out. At the airport, she tries to get upgraded to business class by claiming that she got cut at their ticket kiosk. Jake arrives just as the situation was escalating. Jake apologizes to her and the pair make up, agreeing to keep in touch.


  • Kate is not familiar with Die Hard.
  • Kate has met with Roger nine times. During one visit, Roger slept with her mom's fellow book club members.
  • There was a time when Roger had been too hungover to meet with her and instead sent his co-pilot Steve to see her, something that happened to Jake in the past as well as Steve taught both Kate and Jake to shave.
  • Kate hopes to get into The Voice.
  • Nasim Pedrad is the fourth actor to be in both New Girl (as Aly) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine which, following The Night Shift, means that there are four sets of people who look identical. The others are Mary Elizabeth Ellis, as Dr. Rossi, James M. Connor, as Deputy Commissioner Podolski, and Damon Wayans, Jr., as Stevie Schillens.
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