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Captain Julie Kim was the captain of The 99th Precinct after Raymond Holt was demoted into uniformed officer.

Throughout the series[]

In Captain Kim, the squad is talking about how they are preparing for a new captain who arrives today, assuming her to be difficult and intimidating captain sent by Madeline Wuntch. As the elevator door opened, a kind woman greets them and introduces herself as Julie Kim, the new captain of the 99th precinct. Captain Kim then expresses how she so excited to work with the squad, as she heard so many great things about the precinct, and states that she has never met or spoken to Wuntch. After she tells the squad a few of things about herself, Captain Kim states that she will be moving on from the precinct after Holt’s time as an uniformed officer is finished.

Each of the squad then has a private session with Captain Kim, in order to find out why she decided to transfer to the 99th precinct. In Terry's session, Captain Kim shows an interest in Terry kids, which makes both of them excited. In Amy's session, they bond over their shared interest in organization. And in Jake's session, Captain Kim offers him a chance to work in FBI. In the break room, Jake reveals that Captain Kim's transfer document actually was signed by Madeline Wuntch, proving that she lied. While Terry and Amy already believe that Captain Kim is just a kind person, Jake and Holt still insist that she is secretly working with Wuntch. As they continued discussing her, Captain Kim walks in and invites them to a party at her house.

Jake, Holt, Terry, Amy and Charles arrive at Captain Kim's house at the same time. After welcoming them, Captain Kim shows that she has something at the party to please every member of the squad; like her old friend and guest John is head of Calder Academy, which Terry wants his daughters to attend, the most comfotable chairs ever for Hitchcock and Scully, a man from Major Crime who interests Charles, and Holt's favourite dessert, carrots. She also hired a company to cater for the party which only hires ex-convicts to give them a second chance in life.

While Jake and Holt attempt to snoop around to find a proof of her connection to Wuntch, Amy tries to keep them away but she is eventually distracted by one of Captain Kim's friends who has invented a new type of binder, or as she refers to it "the future of organization".

Jake manages to sneak into Captain Kim's bedroom to hack her computer, eventually finding an e-mail between Kim and Wunch discussing Holt. After Jake lets her skittish dog loose, he attacks everyone at the party, revealing that Jake broke into her bedroom. Jake and Holt confront Captain Kim about her connection to Wunch, eventually showing that they have never actually spoken and Wuntch sent the e-mail to warn Captain Kim on how worthless the 99th precinct was but granted Captain Kim the transfer due to her great service. Captain Kim eventually revealed that Holt was actually her hero, which is why she transferred to the precinct in order to work with him. She never revealed this fact because she did not want it to come across as pity. The next day Terry reveals that Captain Kim transferred from the precinct, feeling that there was too much history between the squad and Wunch, and that she would “always feel like an interloper”.


  • She was the first female Asian-American captain in the NYPD.
  • Her guilty pleasure is charity work.
  • She builds skateparks for marginalised communites for fun.
  • She rescued her dog Lionis from a dog fighting ring, explaining why he was so skittish at the party.
  • During her time at the 99th precinct, she never met Rosa Diaz or Gina Linetti.