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Judd Sterrino was a man whose grandmother went missing so he filed a missing persons report to the 99th Precinct.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In The Slump, Judd Sterrino and his wife had filed false missing persons in five different states before they came to the Nine-Nine, asking for help in finding his missing grandmother, Helen Sterrino, who had gone missing. Jake Peralta was assigned to find out what happened, which became harder once Ethel Musterberg, who he thought was Helen, was introduced to Judd and his wife, and he didn't know her.

Jake then assigned Charles Boyle to ring around and see what information he could get on the missing grandmother. Boyle found five cases of Judd and his wife filing false reports, and Jake figured out that she was never missing. Judd and wife were called to the station and confronted about their crimes, and arrested for insurance fraud, filing a false report and obstruction of justice.