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Jordan Karfton is a resident of Coral Palms.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Coral Palms Pt. 1, she films Holt (as Greg) and Jake (as Larry) getting crashed into by a go-kart at the Fun Zone. Since posting the video online would put their lives at risk, Holt and Jake track her down and try to convince her not to upload it.

Jordan demands $15,000 in exchange for deleting the video, which Holt and Jake reluctantly agree to, telling her to meet them at the Funk Zone. Jordan brings a few "friends" along. Jake ends up sticking twenties around wads of corn-dog coupons to try to make it look like $15,000. However, the ruse is discovered, and Jordan demands her phone back.

Luckily, Jake had swapped the phones while getting attacked by one of Jordan's friends and he managed to get the video back.


  • Lives on Shula Lane.
  • A graduate of the class of 2003 at Dan Marino High School. The town was really in to Dan Marino's appearance in Ace Ventura Pet Detective that they named the high school after Dan Marino. Their nickname is the monkeys.
  • Due to attend her cousin's wedding at a dog track the day after she meets with Greg (Holt) and Larry (Jake).
  • Once ran out of data on her phone because she watched porn on it.