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Joel McKinnon Miller is an actor most known for his work on the HBO series Big Love. He portrays Detective Norm Scully in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Detective Scully is known as the lazy one of the bunch along with his partner Hitchcock.


  • Like co-star Dirk Blocker he was only credited under ‘also starring’ on the end credits in Season One despite appearing in every episode. In Season Two they were promoted to main cast but the title sequence wasn’t altered to include them along with the rest of the main cast. They are however both credited as ‘starring’ in the opening credits that show immediately after the title sequence before the production credits are shown. After Chelsea Peretti leaves the show, Miller and Blocker replace Peretti in the altered title sequence.
  • He grew his trademark flattop for his role in the 1997 movie, Dead Men Can’t Dance. After growing it his agent persuaded him to update his headshots and keep the haircut.
  • He also plays Scully’s twin brother Earl in the episode Cinco de Mayo.
  • Is married to Tammy McKinnon with whom he has a daughter, Caitlyn and a son, Owen.
  • All of Scully’s opera singing is Miller’s own.
  • He appears in The X-Files (S06E13) as a sheriff's deputy who initially attempts to arrest Special Agent Dana Scully, and later nearly gets dragged into a toilet.