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Jocelyn Pryce is a cosmetology student and Rosa Diaz's ex-girlfriend.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Six[]

In The Crime Scene, Rosa tells Jake that Jocelyn has been practicing hairstyles for her studies in cosmetology school. Rosa is unsure if she is passing, as the hairstyles are not good.

In The Therapist, Capt. Holt invites Rosa and her girlfriend Jocelyn to dinner at his house over the weekend. Rosa declines the offer, to which Holt wants to know why since he heard the other squad members have already met Jocelyn.

Near the end, Capt. Holt meets Jocelyn face-to-face in the 99th Precinct's break room. She plays a joke on Holt when she greets him, telling him that she's Denise and pretending to be shocked that Rosa is cheating on her.

In Ticking Clocks, Jocelyn is about to leave town for two weeks. She shows up at the Precinct to break up with Rosa as she feels her girlfriend chooses to work over her. Rosa does not want their relationship to end, so she asks Jocelyn to give her time to solve the ongoing hacking situation first, and then they can talk. Jocelyn gives Rosa ten minutes before she has to leave to catch her flight. Jake and the rest of the detectives could not solve the crime within that time period, but Jake tells Rosa to go after Jocelyn and save their relationship, and Rosa further assists with finding the hacker. Jocelyn and Rosa were able to reconcile, with Rosa having bailed on the Precinct, and therefore, it means a lot to Jocelyn.

Season Seven[]

In The Jimmy Jab Games II, Rosa explains to Holt that Jocelyn broke up with her for unknown and never-explained reasons and is using that as her motive to win the Jimmy Jabs. Later, Rosa and Holt are seen in Shaw's bar listening to death metal to help her recover from Jocelyn's statement about ending the relationship. See also here.


Rosa Diaz[]

See Rosa-Jocelyn Relationship

Jocelyn and Rosa have been dating since The Crime Scene. Rosa later revealed that they broke up in The Jimmy Jab Games II.


  • Jocelyn was the first person in a relationship with Rosa to be the one who dumped Rosa.