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Whenever there is downtime, the 99th Precinct has a series of challenges called the Jimmy Jab Games to test all of the competitors and to win a comfy chair (Season 2) and later a day off (Season 7).

Season Two[]

The Jimmy Jab Games

Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Jake Peralta, Michael Hitchcock, Norm Scully, and Rosa Diaz compete to win the Winchester 3000 chair. If Jake wins, he will also get the number of Rosa's friend. It is refereed by Gina Linetti.

Round 1: The Mouthathon[]

Objective: Each of the contestants must eat as much month-old Chinese Food as they can.

Eliminated: Charles Boyle, Norm Scully

Plot Summary: Each of the contestants are disgusted by the quality of the food. Charles quickly drops out and eliminates himself due to being unable to feed such nasty food to his mouth, who he claims is the love of his life. Rosa also can't stomach it, but is still in. Amy is able to swallow some of her noodles and is so distressed that she doesn't object when Jake takes a photo of her. Only Scully is able to eat more than one scoop, seeming unconcerned about the grossness.

Intermission: During the intermission, Scully withdraws from the competition due to getting severe food poisoning.

Round 2: Bulky Bulky Run Run[]

Objective: Each competitor has to wear a bomb suit and complete a footrace through the building.

Eliminated: Michael Hitchcock

Plot Summary: All of the competitors struggle through a corridor and turn a corner with Rosa narrowly taking the lead. On the climb up a flight of stairs, Hitchcock tries to prove to Charles that he looks cool, but falls down the stairs in the process, causing him to be eliminated.

Round 3: Keep Your Cover[]

Objective: Each competitor must get an undercover persona and talk to as many police officers as they can before being recognized.

Eliminated: Rosa Diaz

Plot Summary: Jake goes first, getting through six people before his cover is blown. Amy only gets through two, due to a mishap where she moves the cushion that is supposed to be her baby in a humanly impossible direction. But Rosa does worst of all, getting last place by snapping after an officer calls her "Sweetheart."

Intermission: After seeing Jake and Amy flirt, Rosa gets upset that Jake wants the number of another person and tells him that she'll only give him the number if he wins and doesn't flirt with Amy. Throughout the intermission, Jake has trouble following Rosa's directions but manages to make it to the next round without breaking his deal.

Round 4: Obstacle Course[]

Objective: Finalists must complete the obstacle course and beat the other to the finish.

Eliminated: Jake Peralta

Winner: Amy Santiago

Plot Summary: Jake pulls ahead in the early stages of the course by quickly wolfing down his snack. But Amy catches up when the elevator doors don't close on time, creating an equalizer. At the final obstacle, a twist is pulled when other officers blow fire extinguishers at the two contestants on their way to the finish line. Jake is blinded by the attack, but Amy is methodical and uses a chair as her shield on her way to victory.

Intermission: It is revealed that Jake let Amy win by purposely keeping the elevator doors open, saying that he isn't over her yet.


Winner: Amy Santiago

Runner-Up: Jake Peralta

3rd Place: Rosa Diaz

4th Place: Michael Hitchcock

5th Place: Norm Scully & Charles Boyle

Elimination Table:[]

Elimination Table
Place Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 Amy Santiago Win Win 2/3 Win
2 Jake Peralta Win Win 1/3 Runner-Up
3 Rosa Diaz Win Win Eliminated
4 Michael Hitchcock Win Eliminated
5 Norm Scully Withdrew
Charles Boyle Eliminated

Season Seven[]

The Jimmy Jab Games II

Amy Santiago, Debbie Fogle, Jake Peralta, Michael Hitchcock, Norm Scully, and Raymond Holt, increasing the amount of players to seven opposed to the regular six. The winner gets one day off of work. It is refereed by Charles Boyle.

Round 1: Meat-Throwing Challenge[]

Objective: Each contestant must throw an expired cold cut at the window from ten feet away. If it sticks, they move on.

Eliminated: Debbie Fogle

Plot Summary: Each of the contestants are able to have their cold cut stick on the window. Suffering from lack of self-esteem, Debbie chickens out. Charles motivates her to compete and puts a piece of turkey in her hands, telling her to be confident. But it turns out that Debbie is allergic to turkey, causing her to have a reaction before being stabbed with an EpiPen. But her ailment eliminates her.

Intermission: Before the game starts, Hitchcock makes a deal with Jake, saying that if Jake wins, Hitchcock will have to do all his paperwork for a year. But if the opposite happens, Jake must give away his new car to Hitchcock. After, Hitchcock gulps down some vitamins that will fuel him in the next challenges, giving him an advantage. In the kitchen, Holt demands to know why Rosa is so dedicated to the Jimmy Jabs this year. Rosa refuses to answer, and Holt grows condescending.

Round 2: K-9 Hide-And-Seek[]

Objective: Each contestant must hide in a window of five minutes. The first person to be found by a sniffer-dog will be eliminated.

Eliminated: Norm Scully

Plot Summary: As everyone scrambles to find a spot, Hitchcock is unconcerned, having taken a pill that repels dogs and their smells. When the dog is let loose, it passes Holt and Rosa's hiding place, the lost and found bin. It passes by Hitchcock and doesn't notice Amy, who is hidden behind a row of drug bricks in the evidence locker. But Scully hides in the supply closet and is easily found.

Intermission: While everyone talks about the game, Jake tries to hide "Somewhere Reckless" but falls through the ceiling in the process, injuring himself and potentially giving him a disadvantage at the following rounds.

Round 3: The Hellevator[]

Objective: Each contestant must wear a bomb suit and struggle into the elevator, whose capacity is now 4, meaning one person will be out.

Eliminated: Amy Santiago

Plot Summary: At the initial dash, Hitchcock pulls ahead due to his pills. Jake lags behind because of his injury, and the doors start to close by the time he gets closer. Desperate, Amy sacrifices herself so Jake can have space to enter the elevator.

Intermission: During one of Charles' quick change acts, he runs into Debbie, who is in the break room and is recovering from the EpiPen. She apologizes for messing everything up and complains about how she isn't good enough. Charles boosts her self-worth by letting her do the closing ceremony songs. Later, Holt suspects Rosa wants the day off so she can go on a vacation with Jocelyn. But Rosa tears up at this and says that Jocelyn just broke up with her and she wants the day off to listen to death metal and get her head right. Holt thinks this is a ruse and insensitively says so, but Rosa wordlessly walks off in gloom.

Round 4: Wire Entanglement[]

Objective: Each contestant must untagle the cord of their assigned lamp from a huge pile and then plug it in.

Eliminated: Rosa Diaz, Raymond Holt

Plot Summary: Jake pulls ahead because of some advice from Amy, who is on the sidelines. Hitchcock is having trouble and is very slow from the recovery of his pills. Jake thinks this is an opportunity to get him out, but as he gloats, Holt apologizes for Rosa for being so competitive and suggests they amicably drop out and to go the bar to listen to death metal. Rosa accepts and Hitchcock and Jake automatically move on to the final round.

Intermission: Jake and Amy talk in the break room. Amy demands why Jake took the bet, and Jake admits that he is worried about becoming a boring adult, but he also would like Hitchcock's assistance with his paperwork so he can spend more time with his kid if Amy gets pregnant, which touches Amy, who forgives him for the risky deal.

Round 5: Obstacle Course[]

Objective: The two finalists have to make their way through an obstacle course and finish first

Eliminated: Michael Hitchcock

Winner: Jake Peralta

Plot Summary: At the start, the two exhausted finalists struggle to make their way through the hurdles, but Jake gets a slight lead that he maintains throughout the middle section of the competition, though Hitchcock is close behind him. Jake seems home free to win, but a surprise twist forces him to break through a practice door. He can't do it, and Amy stabs him with an EpiPen so he can get a burst of energy and win.


Winner: Jake Peralta

Runner-Up: Michael Hitchcock

3rd Place: Raymond Holt & Rosa Diaz

4th Place: Amy Santiago

5th Place: Norm Scully

6th Place: Debbie Fogle

Elimination Table:[]

Place Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
1 Jake Peralta Win Win Win 1/4 Win
2 Michael Hitchcock Win Win Win 2/4 Runner-Up
3 Raymond Holt Win Win Win Eliminated
Rosa Diaz Win Win Win Eliminated
4 Amy Santiago Win Win Eliminated
5 Norm Scully Win Eliminated
6 Debbie Fogle Withdrew