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James "Jimmy" Brogan is a crime author who wrote the novel The Squad.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In Old School, Det. Jake Peralta mentioned that he was a big fan of Jimmy Brogan because of The Squad, his novel about NYPD cops in the 70's, which, along with Die Hard, encouraged Jake to join the NYPD.

Later in his life, he visited to The 99th Precinct and asked Capt. Holt whether he could do a report about how NYPD officers have changed in the 35 years since he wrote his book, and the captain was happy to oblige, introducing the reporter to Jake Peralta and Det. Amy Santiago. After Jimmy signed Jake's copy of his book, he described what the cops of the 70's were like and then explained he would be following them on their internet identity investigation, which Jake was extremely happy about.

Later as Amy was explaining what the case was about, Jake walked in smelling of cigarette smoke, which he achieved by rubbing cigarette ash all over himself in order to prove he smoked and was tough in Brogan's eyes. Jimmy told Amy her work was boring and useless and fell asleep instantly at the desk he was sitting in. The three of them went to a bar later that night, and after Brogan told the gruesome story of Quigg, one of his officer pals and former partners, Amy left. The two engaged in intense drinking and Jake told Jimmy he thought that Captain Holt was stuck-up and strict while very drunk and didn't remember it the next morning.

The three then visited the residence of Mike Halbrook, where Jimmy complimented Jake for being too drunk to chase Mike when he ran, because that proved to Jimmy that Jake wasn't just a "hair bag". Later after seeing the quotes that Jimmy was planning to print, Jake went to the spa he was in and tried to convince the reporter not to print them, as it would look bad for Captain Holt. Brogan simply stated "you don't have to stick up for that homo", which offended Jake because of him viewing Holt as a father, causing the detective to punch him, knocking him into the spa. However, the reporter still wrote about the precinct later.

Near the end of Brogan's single episode, det. Jake Peralta took his beloved, signed copy of Jimmy's "The Squad" and placed it in the garbage, however Amy says "Not good enough" to which they explode the book.


  • Is 65 in his first appearance.
  • Has a very high alcohol tolerance, as seen by him downing two bottles of Scotch in one nigh and showing up the next morning with not even the slightest bit of a hangover.
  • His actor, Stacy Keach, has previously appeared as law enforcement in such films as The New Centurions and Cheech And Chong's Up In Smoke.