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Jericho Supermax Prison is the prison that Jake Peralta went to when he was framed for bank robbery. It is located in Jericho, South Carolina.


Jericho Supermax is an extremely tough prison, and most of the inmates are very violent, especially against cops. The guards there are also very violent, including Alan Wilson, who beat up Jake when he wouldn’t sit down.

Ramen soups are a major currency there, since smoking was banned. It is used to buy stuff from Jeff Romero, an inmate who has been there for 17 years, and can smuggle anything inside for a price.


Season Five[]

The Big House Pt. 1[]

The Big House Pt. 2[]

  • Jake is still there, as the 99th Precinct hasn't found Hawkins guilty yet.
  • At the end of the episode, Hawkins is arrested and he is released.

Known Inmates[]