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Jeff Romero is an inmate at Jericho Supermax Prison who is known for being able to smuggle anything - but for a price.

Throughout the Series[]

In The Big House Pt. 1, Jake seeks out Romero's help in order to get a phone. Romero demands 100 packs of picante beef ramen in exchange. When Jake is ordered to move to gen pop, he goes around trying to find a gang so that he will have some protection as he used to be a cop. Romero lets him into his group, but only if Jake kills a guard. Jake manages to negotiate by getting the guard fired instead.

In The Big House Pt. 2, Jake finds out where Romero stashes his "blizz", which turns out to actually be meth. When Romero finds out that Jake is a snitch, he attempts to stab him, but Caleb intervenes.


  • In The Big House Pt. 1, It is revealed that he had been in prison for 17 years.
  • Like Jake, Romero grew up without a father.
  • He is Filipino.