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Jean Munhroe was the fiancée of the Vulture and founder of The Zenith Fund

Throughout the Series[]

Season Five[]

In The Venue, Jake and Amy confront Jean only to find that she is quite the opposite of her fiancé. Jean was oblivious to the fact that her fiancé was cheating on her and that he lied about helping people with their cases. After Jake and Amy reveal the Vulture's true colours, Jean breaks up with him, shoving some rice in his face.


Jean Munhroe is selfless and kind. When Jake discovers that the Vulture is cheating on her, he can't believe that "nice Jean" is being cheated on, since she is so kind. After finding out that her fiancé was cheating on her, she grabbed a handful of rice and shoved it into his face. Being the founder of a charity to sends rice to kids in need, she felt bad wasting it but she hated Keith more.


  • Michelle Obama once wrote her a letter which read: "Jean, your selflessness puts us all to shame. Humbled, Michelle Obama."
  • Her father is worth $100 million


Keith Pembroke[]

Keith is Jean's ex-fiancé. She broke up with him after discovering that he was cheating on her. Pembroke was using a dating app to hook up with other women, so when Jake and Amy discovered that this was the case, they decided to use the app to expose Keith and save Jean from a dishonest relationship. Jean was horrified to discover that Keith was cheating on her. She always saw him as a kind person who helped other detectives with their cases (he actually swooped in at the last minute when they were about to solve the cases). Jean grabbed a handful of rice and shoved it into Keith's face after finding out that he was cheating on her.