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Captain Jason "C.J.” Stentley was appointed captain of the 99th Precinct when Holt got sent to Florida for witness protection.

He hopes that the precinct can function properly without his influence and tries to do what it takes to make the precinct happy. His nickname C.J. is short for Captain Jason.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Four[]

In Coral Palms Pt. 2, he is introduced as the new captain of the 99. Not liking "Captain Stentley" or "Captain Jason", he tells everyone to call him C.J.

He is aware of his lack of qualifications and relays the story on how he was promoted. He was supposed to go to a dermatologist appointment in 402 7th Avenue but he ended up in 204 7th Avenue. There was a drug bust happening and he spooked the kingpin upon his entrance. The kingpin tripped and accidentally shot himself in the stomach which resulted to everyone else surrendering. He was promoted to captain a week later.

Knowing that the precinct knows what they're doing, he willingly gives the squad what they ask for (Gina gets an assistant, Rosa gets walls around her desk, Charles gets a treadmill desk, and Terry gets a yogurt fridge).

The squad go into his office to return their stuff as they realize that they were taking advantage of him and tell C.J. that he has to start making tough choices and learn how to say no. He agrees as he sees that it's what the squad wants.

After Terry gets a call from Holt, the squad asks for 72 hours off to go to Florida. Applying what he was just told earlier, C.J. denies their request.

In Coral Palms Pt. 3, Terry tries to talk to him again about the squad taking time off to go to Florida. Although even after Terry brings out "the big guns", Stentley remains firm in his decision to tell them no.

By end of the episode, the squad (sans Jake and Holt) are back at the precinct. At first, Stentley seems to be considerate as he understood why they had to go to Florida. However, they did disobey a direct order, and they had to face the consequences: Stentley transfers them to the night shift.

In The Overmining, Holt and Jake sees him looking for something in the briefing room. It turns out he lost a bag full of cocaine and a cellphone who can lead them to a big drug dealer by the name Flaco. Apparently, Jake found C.J's wallet, badge, and gun on top of a toilet paper dispenser. Security cameras reveal that C.J. was in the breakroom singing songs when the bag was stolen from his office.

Jake sees C.J. moping in the dining area. He said that he told the brass that he lost the bag and now One Police Plaza is pulling his transfer as Head Administrator at the Police Academy. Jake then decides to help him catch Flaco. At the undercover operation, he's left in the van to keep an eye out as Holt and Jake talk to Severino. While Jake and Holt are trying to make a deal with Severino, C.J. keeps talking in their earpieces until he's told to shut up, completely blowing their cover.

On the operation on the warehouse, Flaco manages to run away from Jake and Holt but gets taken down when C.J. opens his door because there was a spider in the car. He gets awarded with a medal for taking down the operation. There were news reporters (that Holt called) that kept asking him questions until he messed up. After the meeting with the press and awarding, Jake and Holt return to the precinct and announce C.J. is no longer captain of the 99th precinct.

Season Six[]

In The suicide squad he along with The Vulture and Madeline Wuntch arrive at the 99th precinct, shortly after Jake tells Holt that they need to team up with their old enemies. This happens to take down Commissioner John Kelly.

See the suicide squad for more


He's laid-back and so clumsy it is disabling, as he mentioned he spilled hot cocoa on himself that's why he was wearing sweatpants. He also enjoys playing the bongos, as he's seen playing them passionately inside his office. He's also been seen playing a guitar in the precinct break room (while leaving his office door open so a criminal could walk in and steal a bag of evidence).

He also shows poor financial judgement, as seen when he bought the precinct a $21,000 printer and copier from Japan which was difficult to use.

Further to C.J.'s ineptitude as an officer, it took him 9 years to complete a 6 month training program for the NYPD, and is unfamiliar with the common police expression 'if you see something, say something."

After the squad talks to him about making tough choices, he abandons his choice to give the squad whatever they want and refuses to let them do anything. He does not give permission for them to travel to Florida for this reason.


C.J.: Uh-oh, Captain Stentley? Am I in trouble?
Terry: No, you're our boss
C.J.: Oh, right. Are you in trouble? [1]

C.J.: My door is always open, except when it's closed. But you can open it when it's closed.[2]

C.J.: I'm transferring the whole squad to the night shift
C.J.: ...Yes

C.J.: Woo! That soup is good. That's gonna leave a mark.[3]

C.J.: If you see something say something, come on and party tonight![4]

C.J.: You know, I actually wouldn't mind getting rid of John Kelly either. That guy makes up so many dumb rules. He told me I couldn't eat raw chicken.[5]


  • C.J.'s favorite catchphrase is "That's gonna leave a mark", even though he repeatedly misuses the phrase.
  • C.J. spent 9 years in the academy, despite the normal training program only taking 6 to 8 months.
  • The casting of Ken Marino was announced on August 5, 2016 along with details of the character.
  • His real name was only revealed upon publication of Fox's official press release for Coral Palms Pt. 2.[6]
  • He wore sweatpants on his first day at the precinct.
  • He eats raw chicken because he considers it to be healthier, despite the obvious danger of potentially ingesting Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E. coli which will all cause food poisoning . John Kelly banned him from doing so after becoming Commissioner.
  • He noticeably has few medals on his badge than other captains seen in the series, presumably due to his ineptitude in the field.
  • He has a habit of always making songs up with the hook "Come on and party tonight."