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Jason was Charles Boyle’s dog who has a tendency to hump everything.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Two[]

In Payback, Jake Peralta is repaying a lot of people back, for money he owes them. Because Jake doesn't have money technically, so he's doing requests. Charles wants Jake to wash his dogs; one of them being Jason. While Charles is talking to Jake and Terry Jeffords, Jason is humping Charles' leg and Jake gets grossed out seeing that.

When Jake is washing Charles' two other dogs, Jason is humping Jake's leg at the same time.

Season Three[]

In 9 Days, Charles is in mourning because Jason died. He was going to town on one of Charles' snow boots, and his little heart just gave out.

A day later, Rosa finds Charles working on Jason's In Memoriam video.

On another day, Rosa finds Charles in the break room, sealing Jason's collar in an airtight bag so it retains his scent. Rosa then shows Arlo to Charles and tells him that she got him this dog. Charles rejects Arlo, saying he can't just replace Jason with some other dog. When Rosa places Arlo on the table with one of Jason's toys, Charles tells the dog to get away from the toy because it belonged to Jason.

At the end of week, Rosa shows the little funeral service for Jason that she prepared in the Precinct's conference room. The In Memoriam video of Jason is playing and Rosa goes first to say a few words about him. Scully sings Ave Maria next.