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Jake and Charles lullaby was a song sung by Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle in Balancing in an effort to keep Mac Peralta-Santiago from waking up.


Jake: Hello Charles, fill me in, any breaks in the ca-ase?

Jake(Spoken): If you sing everything as a lullaby, he won't wake up

Charles: I understand, the handyman, has an a-alibi but I found something else

Jake(Spoken): You sound great

Charles(Spoken): Thank you

Charles: The lab techs analyzed Franzia's phone call. There were two other voices, in the ba-a-ackground

Plays recording of Scully and Mac

Jake(Spoken): Wait, is that Scully feeding Mac, was Franzia inside the building?

Charles(Spoken): No, his voice is playing over a speaker in the background, Franzia must have bugged the precinct and he was listening to it when we called him.

Mac: cries

Charles: But why, would he bug Scully's nap closet?

Jake: 'Cause he didn't bug the closet, he bugged something brought inside. Oh my god, Franzia was the weird babysitter

Charles: He gave the bug right to you

Both: Son of a bitch