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Jake & Amy's Apartment is the apartment where Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago live. The apartment was originally Amy's before Jake moved in after the Season Four episode, The Fugitive.


Season One[]


  • Amy invites the crew over for a Thanksgiving dinner party in a futile attempt to impress Captain Holt.

Season Four[]

Mr. Santiago[]

  • Amy hosts Thanksgiving at her apartment when her father, Victor, visits.

Chasing Amy[]

  • The apartment is seen is a brief flashback where Amy is seen studying for her Sergeant's Exam and singing You're a Grand Old Flag.

Season Five[]


  • Jake and Amy host Jake's half-sister Kate when she comes to visit New York.

Season Seven[]


  • Jake and Amy are in their bedroom when Amy tells Jake about her pregnancy scare.


  • Amy has set up a "pregnancy war room" in their dining room.
  • It is seen when Jake is angered by Waluigi on his Nintendo Switch.

Ding Dong[]

  • In their bedroom, Jake is seen playing a game on his Nintendo Switch before Amy approaches him and tells him that she's pregnant.

Admiral Peralta[]

  • Jake invites his father and grandfather to the gender reveal party, which goes horribly wrong.


  • Two conflicting exterior shots were used in the show to represent Jake and Amy's apartment.
  • The first one, used earlier in the show, is at 54 White St, in Manhattan.
  • The second one, which began to be used around the time Jake moved in and is shown above, is at 458 9th St in Brooklyn. It is a 5-minute drive from the real-life 78th Precinct, the exterior shot of the fictional 99th Precinct.