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Charles has always been inappropriate to Jake and Amy's' relationship. From seasons 1-2, Charles was begging Jake and Amy to start dating. In season 3-4, Charles has started making comments to the two, insisting they have children. In season 5, Charles gets so excited that Jake and Amy are getting married that he faints.


Season One[]

Tactical Village[]

  • Throughout the episode Charles tries to get Jake to confess that he likes Amy

Season Two[]

Johnny and Dora[]

  • Amy and Jake kiss while undercover, in order to keep their cover. Charles goes nuts when he finds out.

Season Three[]

New Captain[]

  • Jake and Amy reveal that they are dating and Charles goes nuts.

The Mattress[]

  • While Jake and Amy are discussing their drug case, Charles says he has found a new drug which he is high on: their relationship

Season Four[]

Coral Palms Pt 3[]

  • Jake and Amy see each other for the first time in 6 months. Charles makes everyone watch them kiss, going absolutely crazy about it.

Season Five[]


  • Jake proposes to Amy in the files room when Charles runs in. Seeing the ring, he starts to hyperventilate, before he promptly faints.

Jake & Amy[]

  • Charles tells Amy to get pregnant after saving Jake and Amy's wedding.
  • One side note Through the show before Jake got together with Amy almost every time Jake went on a date Charles would be upset because he's not going out with Amy

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