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Roger Peralta is Jake's neglectful father. When Jake was young, his father left him and his mother, and the two's relationship remain rocky to this day.


Season Two[]

Captain Peralta[]

  • Roger came to The 99th Precinct to report that he is under surveillance by the Canadian police for drug smuggling, seeking his son's help. Jake, happy over his father's return, gleefully obliges, despite Charles' objection.
  • Jake later releases Roger from Canadian prison, but soon, Jake finally admits that he will never trust him, nor forgive him for leaving him and his mother.

Season Three[]

Karen Peralta[]

  • Roger shows up to surprise Jake on his birthday, who promptly tells him to leave.

Season Five[]

Two Turkeys[]

  • When Jake and Amy try to get their parents to bond on thanksgiving, it all goes horridly wrong and Jake must put up with his father again.