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Jake Peralta and Doug Judy are arch-enemies, turned into allies, and later become best friends. It can be inferred that Jake helped Doug with his final escape in PB & J.


Season One[]

Pontiac Bandit[]

  • Jake and Doug meet for the first time at the precinct, after Rosa brought Judy in for identity theft.
  • Judy then asks for a deal with Jake, saying that he can help Jake to catch his biggest nemesis; "The Pontiac Bandit". Without a second doubt, Jake takes the deal.
  • Judy then dresses Jake up as a criminal, and set a meeting with one of the Pontiac Bandit associates. Homever, the associate doesn't trust Jake and Rosa; demanding that Judy need to meet him alone.
  • Despite that Rosa already warned him about Judy, Jake still has faith in him.
  • Later, Judy arranges a meeting with the Pontiac Bandit itself. He then sends Judy alone into the building. Feeling suspicious, Jake and the squad quickly burst into the building, only to find out that Doug Judy is the real Pontiac Bandit, and the whole scenario was his plan to escape.
  • Rosa and Jake then get a call from Doug Judy. After explaining the whole scenario, Jake feeling disappointment at him. As Judy finished his good bye message, he ended the call and drive away into nowhere.

Season Two[]

The Pontiac Bandit Returns[]

  • Much to Jake's annoyance Doug cuts a deal.

Season Three[]

The Cruise []

  • Doug gets Jake and Amy free tickets to a cruise so they can help him, as he believes someone is trying to kill him.
  • Jake tries to arrest Judy, but as they are on international waters, doesn't have the authority.

Season Four[]

The Fugitive Pt. 1/The Fugitive Pt. 2[]

  • Jake seeks out Doug Judy to help him catch Judy's brother, George Judy.

Season Five[]

The Negotiation[]

  • Judy stages a hostage situation to get Jake's attention.

Season Six[]

A Tale of Two Bandits[]

  • Judy fakes his own death.
  • A number of cars are being jacked using the Pontiac Bandit's M.O., but Judy insists it isn't him. Jake trusts him, but Terry doesn't.