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Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle worked together as NYPD detectives at the 99th precinct in Brooklyn for more than 10 years. They are best friends who consider themselves to be more like brothers. Charles even asked Jake to be the best man at his wedding to Vivian Ludley, and Jake asked Charles to be the best man at his wedding to Amy Santiago.

Though Charles can be ridiculous at times, Jake often joins in on the ridiculousness, and even though he sometimes judges Charles, he will never make him feel bad about himself. The two constantly look out for each other, Charles being Jake's biggest and often sole cheerleader and consistently supportive of his relationship with Amy. Jake takes care of Charles as he sometimes has a naive view of the world, and Charles takes care of Jake, whose immaturity often gets him in trouble. They know everything about each other, including their deepest fears, which has sometimes led them to fight or disagree. Despite that, they always have each other's backs and remain deeply loyal to each other, always trusting each other's gut instincts. For Charles, this is sometimes to an uncomfortably overbearing degree, but nonetheless, the support is appreciated.

Running Gags[]

No Look Five[]

Boyle and Peralta High Five

No look five!

Throughout the show, Jake and Charles have a habit of giving each other high fives without having to look at the other person.

Charles Obsessing Over Jake and Amy’s Relationship[]

A joke often used on the show is Charles and his involvement in Jake and Amy’s romantic relationship.

Charles getting jealous over Jake having another best friend[]

  • Derek from Jake's undercover mission with the Ianucchis.
  • Doug Judy from the multiple attempts to catch the Pontiac Bandit.
  • Stevie Schillens, Jake's old partner as a beat cop.
  • Caleb, Jake's prison cellmate who is a cannibal


Jake and Charles are known to devise extravagant, wildly unnecessary backstories for "undercover" characters, code names for each other while on missions, and names for their trips and adventures (AC/DC).

No Boundaries[]

Jake and Charles have no boundaries with each other, putting themselves in the middle of each other's personal lives and situations to the point where sometimes the consequences are severe.


Charles: My hunch, my hunch, my lovely Casey hunch. Come on, Jake, sing with me!
Jake: No, I will literally nev...
Both: What are you going to do with all the hunch, all that hunch inside your brain? Were going to solve, solve, solve this case. Solve this case right in your face.
Jake: We should probably leave this prison.
Charles: Probably.