Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago are detectives and often partners at the 99th precinct. They have a very competitive relationship, participating in bets and always trying to one-up the other. Though they often bicker and tease each other, it is clear they have mutual respect and share a friendship. Their desks in the precinct's bullpen are adjacent to each other.

As the series progresses, their friendship develops into romantic interest. At the beginning of Season 3, the two begin a relationship. In the middle of Season 4, they decide to move in together in Amy's apartment. In the Season 5 episode titled "HalloVeen," Jake proposes to Amy in the evidence room, which she accepts. They get married outside the precinct in the Season 5 finale, titled "Jake & Amy."

They go on their honeymoon in the first episode of Season 6, "Honeymoon."


Season OneEdit


  • Though annoyed by Jake's immaturity, Amy can’t help but smile at his childish antics with a fuzzy bear.
  • Amy smiles on smugly as Jake is embarrassed by the new captain and forced to repeat his robot voice.
  • Jake tells Amy that her using the word rabbi turns him on.
  • When explaining how the bet works, it's revealed that if Jake wins, Amy has to go on a date with him.
  • Jake compliments Amy’s appearance as they enter the storage units looking for Ratko.

M.E. TimeEdit

  • Jake interrupts Amy’s evening to insult her date and says it was worth it to get a rise out of her even though his own date abandoned him in the process.
  • Amy gets reprimanded for bantering with Jake during the captain's briefing. 

The VultureEdit

  • 8-drink Amy is very tipsy and sitting close together on the bus, Jake teases Amy for calling him a “butthead.”
  • While role-playing murder scenarios, Amy says she’ll only participate if she gets to fake-murder Jake. He calls her sweetheart and she replies with “time to die.”


  • Jake thinks it’s hot that Amy has eggshell in her bra after being egged on Halloween.
  • The first episode with the Title of Amy’s Sex Tape running gag.

48 HoursEdit

  • Dressed for a date, Amy asks the detectives in the briefing room what they think of her look. Jake uses his phone to play the sound of a donkey braying, but insists he meant for it to be a catcall.
  • Jake shows an interest in finding out more about the guy with whom Amy had to cancel her date.
  • Jake teases Amy for wearing large glasses and later asks if she would let him wear them on his penis before he dies.
  • Butthead

    "I just can't believe you would call me a butthead."

    After Amy accidentally sits on a pie in her date-night dress, Jake tries to console her by telling her he thinks the world of her as a colleague and a friend.
  • When Jake again asks Amy about the guy she had to cancel a date with twice, she begrudging admits that he hasn’t called her back. To make her feel better, Jake jokes that she should marry the possible-suspect they are looking into. She plays along until they are interrupted by Scully.
  • Glasses

    Jake tries on Amy's large glasses

    Still no closer to finding evidence, Jake tells Amy to go home and get cleaned up. He has called her date, apologized and rescheduled their evening. Jake suggests she not use the hidden condoms in her purse because they are expired. When she asks him how he knows about those, he says he knows a lot about everyone in the precinct because they spend so much time together.

Old SchoolEdit

  • While out drinking with Jimmy Brogan, Jake sends Amy multiple drunk-texts including a photo of him shirtless on a subway platform eating Chinese chicken salad.
  • Amy gives Jake her grandfather’s hangover cure, a cup of raw egg yolks.
  • While going over a case with Amy at her desk, Jake ask to switch seats so he can use her computer. Once he’s seated, he remarks on how warm her butt made the chair. She’s offended, but he assures her that it's nice.
  • After blowing up Jimmy Brogan’s book at Amy’s suggestion, Jake throws out a quote from Die Hard and looks at Amy for a reaction. She just rolls her eyes and remarks on how much he loves the film.



Jake dresses up for Amy

  • When Amy mentions she needs to practice her toast for Thanksgiving, Jake gawks at how long it is and correctly guesses that it is single-spaced: “Santiago Style.” They share a smile.
  • Despite Jake's earlier objection to Amy’s request to dress up for Thanksgiving, Jake shows up at the second dinner in a suit and necktie, because she told him to.
  • Amy says Jake looks beautiful in his suit.

The BetEdit

  • Flashback to when the bet was made, Amy mentions the worst thing she can imagine is being one of the girls Jake takes on a date in his car.
  • Amy and Jake race each other to Captain Holt's office in order to request more cases that will count towards their bet. They push and shove, but Jake gets arrives first and locks her out.
  • Heart

    Amy updates her tally

    On the dry-erase board where Jake and Amy are keeping score, there is a heart containing each of their faces underneath Amy's tally. In later scenes there is an arrow drawn next to it with the word “Never!"
  • With one minute left in the bet, Amy brings in a perp thinking that it puts her ahead. She taunts Jake.
  • When it is revealed Jake has won the bet, the bullpen erupts with confetti and cheers. Jake then gets down on one knee to asks her to go out with him on "the worst date" of her life, presenting her with a $1 ring. Amy begrudgingly agrees.
  • Jake pulls up in his car at Amy’s apartment and honks for her to join him on their date. He has provided Amy with an embarrassing dress and remarks that she looks like every girl he had a crush on at every Bat Mitzvahs in his youth. Jake compares her to Jenny Gildenhorn, his childhood crush.
  • Jake dictates rules for the evening, the most important being that she’s not allowed to fall in love with him. Amy assures him that that won’t be a problem.

Jake shows off his date to his colleagues

  • As Jake and Amy arrive at Charles’s celebration, Jake sounds a bullhorn and announces “hot date coming through.”
  • A heavily-medicated Charles informs Jake that he thinks the reason Jake is putting so much money and effort into the date is that he actually likes Amy romantically. Jake reveals he spent $1400 on the date, but refuses to admit it’s because he likes Amy.
  • When Jake announces to the room that he would like Amy to join him in an unrehearsed version of the steerage dance from the film Titanic, Boyle remarks that it sounds romantic, but Jake brushes it off, claiming it is meant to be embarrassing for Amy. They dance spectacularly in the center of the crowd.
  • When Captain Holt tells Jake he must go on a stakeout, Jake gets Amy’s attention by calling out “Darling” and then escorts her out of the bar.
  • Waiting in the car for their perps to show up, Amy and Jake discuss their worst dates. Neither think this evening is in the running.

    Amy and Jake share a laugh during their stakeout

  • Jake describes why he bought his car, which caused him to go into debt. Amy corrects him that it is “crushing debt,” and he notes that she knows him well, a callback to an earlier conversation about his debt.
  • Jake and Amy toss nuts into the air for the other to catch in their mouth.
  • Holt calls with news that he has found someone who can take over their stakeout so that Jake and Amy can go back to their extravagant date plans. Jake secretly refuses, preferring to spend a quiet night with Amy on the stakeout instead.
  • Jake and Amy pretend to be a couple in order to arrest their suspects. They compliment each other on their acting skills once the criminals are under arrest.
  • Amy learns from Captain Holt that Jake refused the relief team to come to take over the stakeout. Amy doesn't tell Jake that she knows.
  • Amy apologizes for all the money Jake lost last night on date activities they never went through with. Jake informs her that it was a good date anyway.
  • When a stripper shows up to give Amy a lap dance, Jake uses his body to protect her from the grinding stranger.

Operation: Broken FeatherEdit

  • DemonDog

    Jake frames of photo of himself and Amy.

    To commemorate their victory over The Vulture, Jake frames a picture of himself and Amy holding the perps signed confession.
  • After briefing Captain Holt on their robbery case, Amy grabs Jake by the arm to drag him out of Holt’s office.
  • Amy admits to Jake that she has obsessive-compulsive tendencies. He feigns surprise, knowing this about her already, and moves her shirt’s collar out of place. After a few moments of acting as though it doesn’t bother her, Amy readjusts her collar. 
  • Amy tells Jake she’s interviewing for a position in the Major Crimes Unit and Jake is vocally upset. He promises that working this case with him will remind her of how much she likes her current job and convince her to stay.
  • A flashback reveals a previous guarantee Jake made to Amy. He promises her he can dunk a basketball. When he attempts to dunk with the help of a ladder, it collapses beneath him and he falls to the ground. Jake explains that the subtext of the guarantee was that she would be entertained, and he succeeded.
  • Amy asks Jake why he cares if she leaves the Nine-Nine. He tries to brush it off, claiming he’s only upset that she’s going to work with The Vulture, but Amy looks skeptical.

    The detectives share a smile as they discover a clue.

  • When they find the bellboy jacket in the dumpster, the mood is lifted and the detectives share their excitement over the new development in the case.
  • Jake teases Amy about sex: “Irwin, how would you like to have the honor of being the first man to undress in front of Amy Santiago?”
  • Having captured the perp, Jake offers to buy drinks for both he and Amy, but she mentions that she’s still planning on going to the interview for a position in the Major Crimes Unit. Jake becomes upset, calls her a bad partner, and storms off.
  • Jake asks Captain Holt why he doesn’t ask Amy to stay at the Nine-Nine, but Holt just tells Jake that partners should support each other no matter what. He motions to the framed photo of Jake and Amy from earlier, which Jake stares at thoughtfully.

    "You're a great detective and they'd be lucky to have you."

  • At the Major Crimes Division, Jake finds Amy and gives her his support and a letter of recommendation for her interview. She tells him that she already turned down the job because she likes where she is now. Amy then teases Jake for admitting that she is a good detective and complimenting her.

The PartyEdit

  • Jake and Amy spends much of their time at Captain Holt's party trying to impress their hosts or arguing about which of them is more socially awkward.
  • The Party ID

    Jake shields Amy from Holt's dog.

    While hiding in Captain Holt's bathroom, Jake helps shield Amy from the Holt's dog, Cheddar, because she is deathly allergic to dogs.
  • When Amy unknowingly helps Jake figure out why Kevin is so hostile towards cops, he refers to her as a "brilliant bastard."

Full BoyleEdit

  • Amy asks Jake if he's qualified to give relationship advice to Boyle, stating that he isn't exactly the king of mature relationships.
  • Jake sets up the interrogation room for Charles to propose to Vivian. He then must have filled Amy in on the situation as they watch the couple together behind the two-way glass. Amy apologizes for calling Jake immature earlier and admits he handled this situation very well.

The ApartmentEdit

  • While struggling with what to do about his apartment situation with Gina, Jake vents his frustrations to Amy. Though she doesn't have a chance to get a word in, talking it out with her helps him approach the situation in a more-rational manner.
  • Amy asks Jake what Holt would think is her biggest weakness. He tells her it doesn't matter what Holt thinks and teases her about the weaknesses he found on a list she threw away. Jake's blunt response about Holt helps Amy realize that her biggest weakness is worrying too much about what the captain thinks of her decisions.

Tactical VillageEdit

  • While reciting his alias Rex Buckingham's skills, Jake turns to Amy when he lists him as a ladies' man.
  • Amy tells Jake that women don't find make-believe attractive, but he compares himself to an actor, such as George Clooney. He then tries to impress her with a sexy voice.
  • Charles notes that there are some serious sparks happening between Jake and Amy, but Jake denies it.

    Jake watches as Amy reconnects with Teddy.

  • When Teddy greets Amy at the tactical village, Jake soon steps in, curious about how Teddy and Amy know each other.
  • Amy and Rosa discuss Amy's previous romantic relationship with Teddy. Jake wonders aloud what's so great about Teddy, prompting Charles to alert Jake that he sounds jealous.
  • Teddy makes an effort to hang around Amy while they examine new weapons and prepare for the course. Jake makes an effort to tag along and tries to one-up Teddy.
  • Jake notices that Amy is impressed that Teddy's team broke the course record. He then drops his British-spy persona immediately and becomes determined to beat the new record.

    Jake is impressed Amy paid attention to his 'Vic Kovac' backstory.

  • Despite Amy's earlier dig at his make-believe personas, she recalls details of Jake's alias, Vic Kovac's past. Jake is impressed she remembers the backstory he created, having only mentioned it briefly.
  • Jake offers to buy drinks for his colleagues to celebrate their success at the training. Amy says she'll have to stop by later because Teddy asked her out for dinner that evening. Jake resorts to immature babbling instead of revealing how he really feels about her dating Teddy.
  • At the bar, Jake asks Charles what he thinks Amy sees in Teddy. Charles suggests that if Jake wants to date Amy, he should try actually asking her out.

    Jake learns that Amy is going out with Teddy again.

  • Back at the precinct, it appears that Jake is going to make an attempt to ask Amy on a date, until she mentions that she and Teddy are going out again.
  • Jake compliments Amy's appearance when she is nervous about her new lipstick.


  • When Amy tells Jake that she's spending the weekend in the Berkshires with Teddy he seems visibly upset. He then decides to work through his weekend off in order to keep his mind off of Amy's romantic getaway.
  • At Shaw's Bar, Jake is surprised to see Amy still in town. She tells him she had a dental emergency, to which he notes that he knows that she is a good brusher. Moments later Teddy joins them and Jake appears to become uncomfortable. He hurries away.
  • Terry, having noticed Jake's odd behavior, confronts him. Terry tells Jake that he needs to deal with whatever is bothering him. Jake says that it's not possible to do that at the moment and motions towards Amy and Teddy chatting at the bar. Terry is surprised and suggests that they have more drinks. When Terry tries to pry for more information on Jake's feelings for Amy, Jake suggest they need some shots.

Charges and SpecsEdit


"That dress makes you look like a mermaid."

  • Discussing Charles's recent breakup, Amy tells Jake that she hopes she never has to go through another break-up again. This prompts Jake to ask if she could really see herself being with Teddy forever. Amy quickly replies "no," but backtracks, unsure of how she feels about her current relationship.
  • Amy helps Jake find an informant, even though Jake was on administrative leave.
  • While undercover as ballroom dancers, Jake compliments Amy's appearance, comparing her to a mermaid.
  • Trying to blend in as ballroom dancers, Jake offers to show Amy how to dance. She remarks that it is fun, to which Jake agrees. However, when she suggests that she and Teddy should take dancing lessons, Jake becomes uncomfortable.
  • When Jake says that he is going to give all of his opened cases to Amy, she looks and smiles at him sweetly.

    Jake tells Amy he likes her "romantic stylez."

  • Jake confronts Amy in the parking lot of the precinct before he has to go undercover. He tells her that if the situation were different, if she weren't with Teddy and he weren't going away for 6 months, he'd like the two of them to be in a romantic relationship. He leaves before she has a chance to respond.

Season TwoEdit


  • 6 months later, Jake returns to the precinct from his undercover FBI assignment. After reuniting with his co-workers, Jake and Amy greet each other awkwardly. Jake then asks Amy if they could talk together alone. In the copy room, Jake firsts asks Amy if she arrested someone named Joe Uterus to relief some of the awkward tension. Amy sighs in relief and says yes. He then tells Amy that he knows that he left things weird between them because he said that he liked her.
  • Amy informs him that she's still in a relationship with Teddy. After learning about this, Jake recants his confession. He says that his confession wasn't real and he was just caught up in the moment of going undercover for the mafia.
  • Holt tells Jake that there's nothing he can do about Freddy Maliardi and that some things are just out of his control. Jake glances at Amy and disagrees with Holt.
  • At Shaw's, Jake offers Amy a drink with two alcoholic drinks inside. Jake and Amy drink together but then frown in disgust. Jake then tells Amy that his confession to Amy before he went undercover was real. He understands that Amy is in a relationship with Teddy and he says that he's not going to change that and that there are some things that he can't control. Amy thanks him for telling her that. She also wants Jake to know that she's still with Teddy and that nothing's going to happen between her and Jake. Jake responds with a title of your sex tape joke and Amy smiles, happy to see the Jake that she knows.

The Jimmy Jab GamesEdit

  • Jake asks Rosa if he can have her friend Katie's number. Rosa says no because she doesn't mix her personal and professional life together. Charles is surprised that Jake isn't pining over Amy.
  • Jake goes to Rosa and offers to play for Katie's number in the Jimmy Jabs. Rosa says no and figures out that Jake is doing the Jimmy Jabs just to get Katie's number. Amy joins the conversation and sides with Jake that he should go out with Katie.
  • Jake and Amy flirt throughout.
  • Rosa takes Jake aside and ask him if he wants to call off the bet because, "It's clear you still have feelings for Amy." Jake denies this and refrains from teasing Amy even though it is obvious he wants to.
  • Jake admits that he threw the bet so Amy could win and that he still has feelings for her.

The Road TripEdit

  • Jake tells Amy that he is bringing Sophia to the bed and breakfast they are staying at on the night before a prisoner transfer. Amy comments that Teddy never does anything romantic like that for her; Jake feels sorry for her so he calls Teddy to tell him to join them at the bed and breakfast. 
  • After Jake, Sophia, and Amy arrive at the bed and breakfast, Jake tells Amy that he has a "surprise" for her. Amy starts freaking out, insisting that all of Jake's surprises are bad. When Jake tells her Teddy is coming to join them, Amy gets upset and tells Jake she was planning on breaking up with Teddy. Jake promises her that him and Sophia will run interference between her and Teddy.
  • At dinner, Jake, Sophia, Amy, and Teddy awkwardly converse. Amy gets annoyed at Teddy and ends up telling him that she wants to break things off. When Jake is about to leave and let the ex-couple have privacy, Teddy tells him he should stay since he is the reason Amy's and his' relationship are having problems. Teddy says that both times Jake confessed to Amy that he liked her, Amy would "get confused" and their relationship would "get out of sync." Teddy blames these things on the fact that Amy liked Jake back. Jake asks Amy if she did like him, and she says "Maybe. Yes. A little. I was confused." Jake seems shocked and in awe at Amy's confession. 
  • During their prisoner transfer, Jake and Amy agree they are just friends, but Amy looks disappointed that Jake and Sophia are still together. Jake starts teasing Amy about the fact she used to like him. 

Boyle-Linetti WeddingEdit

  • Jake tells Boyle and Rosa that his childhood crush, Jenny Gildenhorn, is going to be at the wedding. As Amy approaches in order to join their conversation, Boyle tries to get Jake to stop talking about Jenny. Amy and Jake both assure Boyle that it is not awkward and that their crush on each other is in the past. Jake jokes that he told Amy he liked her, and she told him she was deeply in love. Amy corrects him and says she never said "love" or "deeply."
  • Jake and Amy banter as they chase a bad guy. Role-playing, Jake calls himself "James Bond" and Amy his "femme fatale." Jake asks Amy if she is really okay with him and Jenny, and she responds by repeating what he said earlier, that their feelings for each other are in the past. Jake says Amy must be "freaking out" seeing him in a tux, and she responds in a sarcastic, sexy voice, which Jake says is "kind of getting me going."
  • Amy, on one knee, holding out the missing wedding ring, asks Jake if he will go with her "to our weird friends' parents' wedding." Jake says "a thousand times yes" and Amy puts the ring on his finger.
  • As Jake watches Jenny slow dance with another man (again), Amy comes over to comfort him. She says, "if you wanted to slow dance tonight, I know somebody who would be into that." Jake looks happy and says okay. Amy then brings over Gina's great aunt Susan to dance with him, which disappoints Jake. As Jake escorts Susan to the dance floor he sighs and Amy laughs. While dancing with Susan, Jake and Amy smile at each other.

Det. Dave MajorsEdit

  • Det. Dave Majors invites Jake to an exclusive bar, Jake accepts under the impression Majors wants to be bros, only to find out Majors invited him for drinks to ask him if he was seeing Amy. When Jake says that he isn’t, Majors states his intention to ask out Amy after the case is closed. Jake is clearly jealous and uncomfortable.
  • The next day Jake confessed Rosa that he still likes Amy and he’s been trying to work up the courage to ask her out. Rosa tells him it was stupid for Jake to tell Majors to go for it and he should have told Majors to back off. Jake says he can’t tell guys not to ask Amy out because “[he] likes her and [he’s] too dumb to do anything about it.” Rosa tells Jake to ask her out before the case ends.
  • Jake goes to meet Majors and Amy in forensics. Upon entering, Amy says they’ve solved the case. Jake verbally panics, but is relieved when Amy tells him she was kidding.
  • Jake tries to speak to Amy alone only to get awkwardly interrupted by the forensic tech then Majors burst in the room with an announcement, the moment is lost and he loses his nerve.
  • He tries again to ask her out. He stumbles on his words. When Amy asks, “Why doesn’t your mouth work?” On impulse he replies “Why doesn’t your mouth work? Title of our sex tape.” “What?!” She says alarmed. “Your sex tape.”  Jake corrects himself, horrified at what he just said. Before he can try again he accidentally solves the case.
  • Jake tells Rosa that it’s too late to do anything as Amy and Majors are on their way to the bar. Rosa asks if Amy has done the “double tuck.” Stating that Amy nervously tucks her hair behind both her ears when she really likes a guy. Jake attempts to interrupt their date by sneaking into the bar. Upon sneaking in and seeing Amy do a “double tuck” while talking with Majors, he is caught and thrown out by the bouncer.
  • Jake arrives to work the next day only to find out through Majors that Amy turned him down. Jake rushes to talk to Amy thinking there is still hope. Jake asks her about turning down Majors. Amy says that after all the drama with Teddy she doesn’t want to date cops. Jake is clearly disappointed. As he leaves Amy does the “double tuck.” 

Johnny and DoraEdit

  • Jake and Amy go undercover together as a couple who just got engaged. When asked how they knew that they were each other's "the one", they reply truthfully with "he makes me laugh" and "there's really no one else's opinion who I care about more than hers".
  • Jake knows what Amy's going to get as food after work
  • In order to keep their cover, they kiss. Twice.
  • In the evidence lockup after finding out that Captain Holt is leaving, Jake and Amy kiss for real for the first time.
    • Jake goes into the kiss after Amy says, "So, a lot of change around here, huh?"
    • When they break apart Jake is seen smiling at Amy.

Season ThreeEdit

New CaptainEdit

  • Picking up where the season 2 finale left off, Jake and Amy speak privately in the copy room about their recent kiss.
  • They agree that they would both like to explore a relationship, and to try to keep things light and breezy. Amy follows up with a suggestion that there be a comprehensive set of rules. Jake questions how he is attracted to her; stop himself, and says it doesn't matter and that he just is.
  • They decide to start dating but set some ground rules first, so to not make working together weird.
    1. Don't tell anyone about the relationship
    2. Don't label the relationship
    3. No sex right away
  • Later, Charles notices that Jake is planning a date and begins to pressure Jake and Amy for details. Jake convinces Charles that it's not a date with Amy, but with a girl he met at the gym. Charles becomes upset and tries to point out how perfect Jake and Amy are for each other, but the two detectives deny any feelings, sticking to their first rule. Charles claims that he's not giving up on them and that he's already written his best man's speech for their wedding.
  • That night at a restaurant, Jake and Amy's date is off to an awkward start. Amy suggests they get "super drunk" and Jake agrees. They each order 4 shots (four drink Amy is a bit of a pervert).
  • Cut to: Jake and Amy break rule number 3, and end up in bed together. After Amy remarks that she hopes it wasn't a mistake, Jake says "I Hope It Wasn't a Mistake, title of your sex tape...Title of our sex tape!"
  • At the precinct the next day, Charles asks for details on Jake's date last night. Jake notes that it started off rocky, but ended up being fun. Charles then deduces that Jake had sex.
  • Jake convinces Dozerman to make the other detectives stop asking him about his sex life. When Jake notifies Amy that their secret is safe, the two decide that they like breaking rules and proceed to make out in the evidence locker.
  • Having been making out long enough for Dozerman to note their absence, Jake and Amy are interrupted with the captain comes in to reprimand them. He becomes furious and lets them know that as long as he is their captain, they won't have a romantic relationship. As he continues to rage, he's struck with a heart attack and dies in their presence.
  • Terry questions Jake and Amy about the cause of Dozerman's death. When they are vague about it, he asks them to pull the security footage from the evidence locker. This forces Jake to confess that he and Amy were actually in there making out. With this news, Terry is disappointed, Charles is ecstatic and Rosa is pleased to have something new to tease them about.
  • Jake and Amy meet up later in the break room. Jake seems to be chipper despite the fact that they broke all of their rules and killed their new captain. Amy, however, thinks it's a sign that their relationship is doomed and convinces Jake that they should go back to being just colleagues.
  • At Jake's apartment that night, Charles convinces Jake that he should have fought for his relationship with Amy. Jake agrees and decides to go to Amy's apartment to tell her how he feels. As he moves to exit, he finds Amy mid-knock outside his apartment door. She tells him that she doesn't want to be just colleagues and he agrees. Charles steps in and gives them words of encouragement.

The FuneralEdit

  • The Vulture issues a command to Jake that he either dumps Amy or else he will be demoted.
  • Jake makes a speech after the funeral, masking it to be for Dozerman but really for Amy actually, stating, "I'm not giving up on us. And I don't care if I get demoted. I just care about being with you."
  • After that, Jake finds Amy in the 4th floor of the Precinct. He tells her that he doesn't want them to break up and lays out the predicament he has (laid out by The Vulture).
    • Holt approaches them and lets them know that he fixed the issue; so now The Vulture will not bust the two of them down nor stand in the way of them dating.

Halloween, Part IIIEdit

  • In order to get information about a janitor's location from Amy for their respective Halloween Heists, Holt and Jake try to manipulate her into giving them the information.
    • Jake says that they are in love and mentions that while they haven't said it before he thinks now is a great time. He also proceeds to get down on one knee and almost propose marriage to Amy to show how committed he is to her in order to get her to tell him the pertinent information. (It is looked at as a joke and Amy blows up on both of them saying it is worse when they are nice to her than mean-as they had been earlier).
  • While describing her Halloween Heist scheme, Amy mentions about how she planted a bug in an old muffin that Jake never threw in the trash and is on his desk. Jake remarks, "That's why people throw away garbage." To which Amy questions how they are together in a relationship. Jake makes a weak noise indicating he doesn't understand it either.
  • After Jake was one of the persons who hurts her feelings, for not picking her for his team and also for thinking she would be Holt's lackey, Amy tells him that she is her own person and capable of making her own decisions.
  • Jake admits to his defeat to Amy, crowning her "Queen of the 99" and declaring everything she did was awesome.

The MattressEdit

  • Having spent the night at Jake's place, Amy arrives to work late because of issues caused by Jake's mattress
  • Jake and Amy work their first case together and appear to be on the edge of fighting but manage to smooth things over at the last second.
  • Holt talks to them about how they were handling the case they were on together and they both start stammering, one of the things Jake says is "we're definitely falling in love".
  • Jake eventually agrees to buy a new mattress after both Jake and Amy get into a 'fight' over their relationship.
  • Amy agrees to tell her mother about Jake.

Yippie KayakEdit

  • Jake texts Amy when he, Charles, and Gina get trapped inside Goodwin's and to get Rosa and Holt's attention, Amy goes into the freezing ocean (which she refused to go in before) to tell them about the crisis.
  • After the problem is solved, Amy runs into Jake and kisses him. Jake asks if she was actually worried about him and Amy says yes and also notes that his face is so warm.
J&A cruise

Amy tells Jake she loves him.

The CruiseEdit

  • Jake and Amy go on a couples cruise together.
    • Amy made an entire itinerary for their cruise compiled of 76 activities. Jake says he wants to just chill by the pool or in their room, eat endless shrimp and see what happens. They have a brief conflict throughout the episode about this but it resolves itself eventually.
  • Amy tells Jake that she loves him for the first time, and after an awkward response from Jake, he says it back.

Karen PeraltaEdit

  • Amy is going to meet Jake's mom for the first time and she made a binder after researching her.
  • Whenever they were in Jake's old bedroom, Amy keeps pointing out embarrassing things about Jake like his nose ring and a hat.


  • Jake admits that he volunteered to dog-sit Cheddar so Holt could go to Paris because if it was him and Amy who were separated for months, it would make him really sad.

Maximum SecurityEdit

  • When Amy tries to act tough to get on Maura Figgis's side when working undercover at a max security prison, Jake keeps pulling her away with silly excuses in an attempt to protect her.
  • He eventually decides that he can no longer be Amy's handler because he isn't strong enough to watch her be put in danger, but he ultimately trusts that she knows what she is doing.

Greg and LarryEdit

  • On the flight after getting out from being undercover in a maximum security prison, Amy talks to Charles about Jake; about how she haven't seen him in weeks and it's been so hard. She expresses that she loves Jake so much; and is taken aback about how she has said "I love you" to him before but never added "so much." She freaks out about how she might never get to say the "so much" part to Jake.
  • Near the end of the episode, it's a week later when Amy tell Jake they should move in together and Jake agrees. She also says, " I love you so much," to him; which Jake says back.

Season FourEdit

Coral Palms Pt. 1Edit

  • Jake has a picture of Amy on a wall, where he keeps his files on Jimmy Figgis, that he finger-tap kiss. 

Coral Palms Pt. 3Edit

  • While Holt stitches his wound, he makes Jake tell him about how he feels about seeing Amy again. Jake goes on saying how if it doesn't go well and what if it's weird since they haven't seen each other in a while.
  • After the squad forms their plan of action, Jake and Amy greet each other awkwardly (just like they did in Undercover) and was about to kiss before Charles interrupts them and announces to everyone that Jake and Amy were about to kiss for the first time in six months. Deciding they're okay with kissing in front of everyone, they lean in again before Charles appears beside them, ruining their moment.
  • Jake approaches Amy after she blocks the door and goes in for a high five but it ended up with Jake awkwardly kissing Amy's forehead instead. They continue to misread what the other is thinking, proving they lost their sync since their time apart.
  • They get a moment to talk after finishing the trap for Figgis and as they were leaning for a kiss, Jake mentions he hopes Amy is a better kisser than Holt. Before they could get their moment back, it's ruined by Figgis arriving.
  • While Figgis has Jake hostage, Amy and Jake have a silent conversation and Amy shoots Jake in the leg. After Figgis lets go of Jake and Amy goes to him, he confirms that the nod he gave was for her to shoot him.
  • Amy goes to Jake while he's being treated by the paramedics. They agree that after what happened with Figgis, they were back in sync again.

The Night ShiftEdit

  • In the cold open while they're discussing Jake's frosted tips, Jake asks Amy if she's digging the tips. She says that it feels like she's kissing Vanilla Ice.
  • While apologizing to Rosa, Amy mentioned that she went to Rosa to vent about Jake being in witness protection and not knowing when he'll come back.

Halloween IVEdit

  • As Jake tells Amy her win during the previous Halloween heist was a pathetic act of pure cowardice, Terry tells Jake that Amy's his girlfriend to which Jake says "not tonight, she isn't." And then he adds that she shouldn't kiss anyone else and that he loves her so much.

Monster in the ClosetEdit

  • For Rosa and Adrian's wedding, Jake helps Adrian locate his grandmother's earrings while Amy works on the wedding. With all the trouble they went through, they both come to the conclusion that Rosa and Adrian don't actually want to get married.
  • When Amy mistakenly says another Nora Ephron movie and Adrian tells her off, she holds on to Jake and he tells her not to take it personally.

The Fugitive Pt. 1/The Fugitive Pt. 2 Edit

  • When a van containing nine prisoners overturns Jake and Amy make a bet, whoever catches the most fugitives has to move into the other's apartment.
  • When Jake and Amy run into fugitive number nine Jake lets Amy win, he tells her he loves her and he wants to move into her apartment. And they kiss.

The Audit Edit

  • Teddy Wells has come to oversee whether or not the 99 is worth keeping around as a precinct, making it particularly awkward for Jake and Amy.
  • Upon Teddy making a joke that he hopes he doesn't bore them to death, Jake tries to avoid replying directly and pretends to hear the "crime phone" ringing. Jake grabs Amy's hand as the two of them ducks out of the meeting in the conference.
  • Jake expresses his worries to Amy about how Teddy will shut down the 99, that they will get shipped off to separate precincts, and that he thinks their relationship will not survive that. Amy assures them that they are a couple even if they don't work together. Jake counters that if he doesn't see her everyday, he will forget who she is.
  • Amy admits to Teddy that she and Jake are different people but she loves that about them. She continues, saying that she loves that Jake is messy and cares so much about his dumb sneakers and doesn't get stressed out about calendars.
  • Jake adds that Amy loves him for not caring about flossing his teeth. Amy corrects him, though, saying that non-flossing is crazy. Jake accepts the retort and appends a "I love you" to that.

The Last Ride Edit

  • When Jake and Boyle come back from their case, Jake tries to apologize to Amy for not saving the precinct; however, Amy stops him claiming that his "moral compass is on fire."

Moo Moo Edit

  • Jake and Amy offer to babysit Terry's daughters, Cagney and Lacey while he works on an application.
  • Charles teases them about becoming parents.
  • Jake makes a joke about how "TV & cake" were his parents and chuckles about it. After a few moments, he stops and turns sullen. Amy goes to comfort him, telling him that it's okay and side-hugging him.
  • Terry compliments their babysitting skills, saying that they made Cagney and Lacey feel safe.

Chasing Amy Edit

  • Jake tries to calm Amy down when she's worrying about the test. He goes so far as to set up a practice test for her.
  • When Amy disappears after the practice test, Jake goes out to look for Amy. He channels her personality traits and interests.
  • Jake finds Amy on the rooftop they had conducted a stakeout on during The Bet. He admits that this is the place where she flirted with him for 20 seconds and he became obsessed with her forever.
  • Amy confesses that, while she exceeded expectations on the practice test, she was worried that her becoming a sergeant would change things between them, and that she didn't want that to happen. Jake reassures her, saying he's always known she was going to be his boss and that she's too good to be scared of being successful.
  • Amy thanks Jake for helping her through the rough day. She brings him to (another) Trivia Night at Shaw's Bar where she made a special request for a category to be about the Transformers movies.

Crime & Punishment Edit

  • Jake proudly claims that he has -$73 in his bank account, to which Amy says that she's both proud and embarrassed of him at the same time.
  • Amy discusses with Jake about what to do in case Jake is found guilty of robbing the banks. However, Jake calms her down, saying that he will win the case because he is innocent. Jake suggests that they go to either Paris, London, or Rome.
  • When the two enter the courtroom, Amy says "I love you" to Jake, to which he replies "I know. Han Solo.....Love you too".
  • The two take a trip to Horseditch, Pennsylvania to locate Matthew Langdon, one witness to prove that Hawkins is guilty.
  • When Matthew says that he cannot help them, Jake talks to Amy about what they should start doing should he be found guilty. This time, Amy calms him down saying that he may not be found guilty and that they could still go to Paris.
  • Amy says that should he go to prison, she'll wait for Jake and she and the Nine-Nine will keep fighting for him and do whatever it takes.

Season Five Edit

The Big House Pt. 1 Edit

  • Jake wakes up happy for once in jail because it's visiting day, and he gets to see Amy.
  • Jake and Amy hug during visiting time until a guard tells them to stop.
  • Before they're really able to talk, all prisoners are called back to their cells. Jake is clearly very upset, given there is only a visiting day once every 3 weeks.
  • Because Jake wants to talk to Amy so badly, he buys an illegal phone from a very dangerous prisoner, Romero.
  • Jake keeps two pictures of Amy by his bed in prison.
  • Jake tells Amy that he's been reading in prison. When he mentions the author's name, Amy gets turned on.
  • While talking to Amy on the phone, Romero comes up to him and threatens him. Amy asks if he's okay, and he says, " says "Yeah, everything's fine, I'm talking to you."

The Big House Pt. 2 Edit

  • While Jake is locked in solitary, he goes a little crazy and constructs Amy out of mashed potatoes and proceeds to flirt with her.
  • When Jake gets out of prison Amy asks him, "Can I buy a free man a drink?" Jake replies by saying, "I'd rather have a drink of that mouth." While apologizing for his awkward joke, Amy kisses him anyways. They say, "I love you." to one another afterwards.

Kicks Edit

  • Jake says he missed good food and sex with Amy throughout the duration of being stuck in prison.

HalloVeen Edit

  • As Jake is doing his speech-declaration for this year's Halloween heist, Amy joins in in the middle of it to quote Jake word-for-word. At the end of the sentence, Amy tells Jake that she heard him practicing in the shower and that he can't surprise her. As her true competitiveness shines through, she proclaims to Jake that letting her into his life was the worst mistake he ever made. Jake comments, "Cool, fun take on our relationship."
  • Jake is handcuffed to a cabinet when Amy walks by. Upon Amy entering into the room after he calls out for her to come aid him, Jake asks her to help let him go saying that it's not for the heist but because he really needs to pee. Amy shakes her head for 'No' and says she knows that he doesn't drink water, that he pees once every 2 days and already went this morning. Jake concedes out loud that Amy knows him so well.
  • Amy talks aggressively to Jake, as her mind is focused on winning the heist. Jake attempts to convince Amy to team up with him. She responds with, "Rot in hell, crapface! Also I love you, and I treasure you and, ya bore me!"
    • Jake gasps in shock and says Amy is being so mean. But then a moment later shows that he got turned on, and asks Amy to do it more. Amy tells Jake, "I hope you die." Jake shudders in happiness.
  • Jake is looking through the live cameras of the Precinct's security system. In the main floor footage, he sees & hears Amy sneezes and automatically responds with a "Bless you." even though they aren't in the same room.

Jake proposes to Amy in the Evidence Room on Halloween night.


Jake figures out he wants to marry Amy.

  • Amy tells Jake that he's lost the ability to surprise her and "just plain boring." Jake responds, "Again, weird take on a very loving relationship."
  • Jake proposes to Amy in the evidence room on October 31st, 2017 with the "Amazing Human/Detective" belt altered to say, "Amy Santiago, will you marry me?" She's caught off guard and confused. She turns to see Jake on one knee with a ring. She checks with him to make sure this is not part of the heist and tells him that if it is, she will dump him so hard. He assures her that he's not joking, promising that this is real, and then proceeds with proposing. He gives a sweet speech, about the things he loves about her and mentioning her butt twice. Amy accepts. Charles then walks in and faints in awe of the news.
  • Jake says he figured out he wanted to marry Amy on April 28th, 2017, when she pointed out that her crossword puzzle had a typo in it.
  • Jake and Amy are officially engaged to be married.

The Venue Edit

  • Jake and Amy get a venue for their wedding and meet with various vendors.
  • The mansion they choose for their venue is booked by the Vulture, who plans to get married on the same day. Jake and Amy must convince the Vulture to give up the house.
  • When their plan doesn't work out, they decide to hold their wedding on May 15th at a public recreation center.

Two Turkeys Edit

  • Jake and Amy have a pre-game plan session before Thanksgiving, where he labelled Amy's parents as controlling as their daughter. Amy disagrees but before the end of the scene, Jake catches her trying to erase the word 'CONTROLLING' on the whiteboard while they are kissing.
  • On Thanksgiving, Jake and Amy plan to get their parents to bond, even though Amy's parents are classy and uptight, while Jake's parents are more casual and relaxed. Jake and Amy argue about how the other's parents are at fault.
  • The dinner does not get off to a good start, either, causing Jake and Amy to get uncomfortable at their respective parents hinting in sexual innuendos.
  • The meal comes to a halt when Jake's dad Roger Peralta accidentally cuts his thumb off and they rush to the hospital. There, their parents finally bond and Jake is able to get the Thanksgiving he's always wanted.

99 Edit

  • During the funeral of their former police chief, Amy notices that she never laughs in photos whereas all the other people laugh. She asks Jake if she's too high strung, and he says she's not too high-strung, she's just a normal amount of high strung.
  • When trying to get back to New York for the Captain's job interview, Jake reminds Amy of her amazing Type-A capabilities, and she gets into gear to get them all back home as efficiently as possible.

Game Night Edit

  • While attempting to reveal to her parents that she's bisexual, Rosa instead lies and says she's dating Jake. They initially believe her until they see a photo of Jake and Amy on Jake's phone. Rosa tells them that Jake and Amy are actually engaged.

The Puzzle Master Edit

  • When Amy is too worried to check the results of her sergeant's exam, Jake offers to do it for her, but she twists his arm before he can get to it. Although Jake tries to resist, he ends up whisper-telling her to do it harder when she makes his bones crack.
  • When Rose revealed that Amy has passed the exam, Jake says Amy needs room to do her signature dork dance. While she is dancing, he yells out "That's my future wife!"
  • Now that Amy is going to be a Sergeant, Jake suggests that they work on one last case together as detectives: a serial arson case that involves crossword puzzles.
  • Melvin Stermley, the "Puzzle Master," joins the case, and Jake becomes jealous of the time that Amy and Vin spend together given that Vin is good-looking, making funny insider-nerdy-jokes, and in great shape.
  • Because Jake doesn't like Vin, he doesn't follow Vin's plan and does what he thinks is best. Jake's idea goes awry, ruining the plan.
  • When Amy asks Jake why he didn't follow the plan, she asks if he is jealous of Vin, which Jake reluctantly admits to. Jake says he is worried that Amy will wake up one day and wish she were with someone as smart as she is. Amy says Jake has nothing to worry about because Jake is a brilliant detective and she loves the way he thinks.
  • The case is finally solved, and when Vin attributes the success to Amy's mind, Amy says that it was all Jake who helped solve the case as he is a genius with this stuff.

NutriBoom Edit

  • In the ending scene, Jake tells Amy that, because of the NutriBoom incident, their honeymoon money is gone. With the risk of being corny, Amy says that everyday with him is like a honeymoon.

DFW Edit

  • When Jake and Amy are about to leave the precinct to pick up Jake's sister, Katie, from the airport, Gina jokes that they are about to have sex for the first time, to which Jake says that he and Amy have sex 24/7.
  • At the airport, Jake is nervous about meeting Katie, and Amy comforts him, saying he just needs to relax and be himself.
  • When Jake asks Katie about what's her favorite scene in Die Hard, she has no idea what it is. Jake starts getting upset but Amy is there to repeatedly tell him that it's okay.

Gray Star Mutual Edit

  • After Charles' food truck is found burned down, Jake tells Charles that he maybe will get some money for this, from the insurance, and then can pay off his debts, starting with Amy. Jake catches himself and apologizes to Charles for saying something selfish. He asks Charles to forget he said it; but then repeats that Charles can pay off his debts, starting with Amy.
  • Pimento is catching up with Jake and asks him who he's "porking" right now. Jake tells Pimento that they are still together and pauses, ready to regret, in saying that they are "porking." Jakes then lets Pimento know that they are engaged and it happened on the past Halloween. 

Show Me Going Edit

  • After Rosa is overheard going into an active-shooter incident on the police dispatch scanner and Capt. Holt telling the squad to stand down, Jake tells Amy (calling her "Ames") that Rosa will be okay. To which, Amy says she knows and tells Jake "I love you." Jake says, "I love you too" back to her.

Bachelor/ette Party Edit

  • Jake and Amy hold their respective Bachelor/Bachelorette parties ahead of their upcoming wedding.
  • At Amy's party, she finds out that Jake hired a wedding band in which Amy's ex-boyfriend, Constantine, is the lead singer. Amy tries to get Constantine to cancel the gig, but he refuses, as he is prepared to sing "Amy Come Back" during the wedding. Amy eventually steals the wedding band contract from him and burns it.
BachelorEtte Party - 10

Jake and Amy lovingly dance together in Shaw's Bar.

  • Once the guys arrive at the Bachelorette party, Amy tells Jake she had to cancel the wedding band. Jake says he already knew about Amy's ex, as Constantine had left a long voicemail for Jake professing his love for Amy. Jake lovingly teases Amy about it using the pet name Constantine used to use on her.

White Whale Edit

  • It is officially one week until Jake and Amy's wedding, so Amy switches them from the "month-of" binder to the "week-of" binder. Jake notes the binders are getting bigger, and Amy says he should see the "Honeymoon" binder, which is filled with sex stuff.
  • Terry helps Jake out with accomplishing all the tasks in the binder, and Jake worries that, because he is having trouble finishing all the work, that he will be a bad husband. Terry assures him this is not the case, and Jake yells out, "I love Amy Santiago! We're gonna take each other's names!"

Jake & Amy Edit

  • Jake and Amy's wedding day has finally arrived, and Jake is already dressed in his tuxedo. When Amy enters the venue with her make-up done, Jake says, "Ames, you look beautiful." Everything is going wrong, but Jake assures Amy that their wedding day is going to be perfect until an unknown person calls in and announces there is a bomb in the venue.
  • The bomb crew arrives, and Teddy is revealed to be head of the crew. Teddy is still in love with Amy, so he stalls the crew as long as possible while Amy continues to freak out. Jake calms her down by giving her a nicotine patch, which she sticks directly on her forehead. When she says, "I love you so much," Jake says "I love you, too," until he realizes she was talking about the patch. Amy says she can love two things.
  • Their plan to still get married today fails, and at the Precinct, Jake and Amy are ready to give up. Jake says, "Amy Santiago, I would marry you any time, any place." Amy agrees to get married at City Hall, but Charles, who was eavesdropping, says this is unacceptable and rushes off to make sure Jake and Amy have the proper wedding.
  • Amy puts on her wedding dress, and Jake says, "wow, you look beautiful." Charles then runs in and rushes Jake and Amy out to their wedding. Their new venue is right outside the precinct, in the parking lot, with police sirens acting as lights. Everyone they know is ready. A violinist plays music.
Jake & Amy - 14

"...every single day that I get to be with someone as amazing as you is crazy to me."

  • At the wedding, Jake and Amy exchange vows. Jake says today has been crazy, but he's not surprised because everyday with Amy has been a crazy adventure. Amy also says that life is unpredictable, but as long as you're with the right people, you can get through anything and that Jake is the right person for her.
  • Jake and Amy say, "I do," and before Captain Holt officiates their marriage, he announces that he's approved their request for time-off for their honeymoon. He then officiates their marriage: Jake and Amy are officially married. They kiss as everyone applauds.
  • At the bar, everyone celebrates, and as Holt hands Jake two champagnes, he says, "One for you and one for your wife."

Season Six Edit

Honeymoon Edit

Honeymoon 2.1

Stacks on stacks on stacks, money really changes you.

  • There is a staff meeting at the Nine-Nine and Jake and Amy show up together after it already started.
  • Jake has a big bundle of cash in his hands and said it's thanks to his "brilliant wife" who got them wedding insurance. Amy looks proud of herself, and also mentions it's actually common, like renter's insurance. To which Jake asks if they have that too. When Amy confirms they do, Jake endearingly says to her, "You are a wizard."
  • Jake and Amy go to Mexico for their honeymoon. Upon arriving at the resort, they share aloud that they were thinking the same thoughts: They never had sex with anyone outside of the United States.
  • Right at the resort's entrance, Jake realizes that they can ask for any request to make so he turns to Amy and tells her to think of something stupid they can ask for. Amy panicked and just says grapes, then regrets it immediately. Jake disagrees and says that it is perfect.
    • Jake goes to another resort employee and tells him if he can "get my wife some grapes?"
  • Jake and Amy try to enjoy doing many couples' activities during their stay:
    • A romantic dinner on the first night
    • Chillaxing in the pool with coconuts drinks
    • A couple's hot stone massage in their hotel room
    • A class titled "Sensual Food Tasting: The Art of Feeding Your Lover"
    • A spa bath together in a big tub
    • Sunbathe with face masks in a bungalow by the pool
    • A planned class for Sensual Pottery
  • When Captain Holt calls Jake selfish, Jake takes it saying he doesn't want to get mad because he thinks of Amy's respect and worry for Holt. Amy interrupts and actually gets offended for Jake and expresses her anger toward Holt. She defends Jake in how he wasted his entire honeymoon for Holt.
    • Amy even says she doesn't give a hoot about being harsh toward Holt and won't give any more hoots, which means a lot to Jake.
  • Amy and Jake do some role-playing, where Amy dressed up as Holly Gennaro McClane (from Die Hard) for Jake and Jake dressed up as Mervil Dewey (inventor of the Dewey decimal system) for Amy.

Hitchcock & ScullyEdit

  • Jake (with Charles, Hitchcock, and Scully) is cornered in the kitchen of a Wings Slutz restaurant. Upon breaking out through the back, Jake expresses how glad he is that Capt. Holt and Amy, whom he respectively calls them as his dad and his wife, are here.
    • He also says, "Hi, Amy!" Amy does a nice little wave to Jake, in acknowledgment.

The TattlerEdit

  • Jake does an announcement to the Precinct before going to his [and Gina's] high school reunion, where in it he says he has a super-smart, incredible wife.
  • Jake and Amy break into Jake's high school's Administration room so to solve who might have set Jake up with the lifetime-regretting nickname "The Tattler." Amy happens to come across Jake's attendance record and gets turned on because he had zero absences. Also, a little later she gets distracted seeing how much community service Jake did in high school.
  • When Jake tells Amy that he's ready to leave the high school reunion, Amy tries to buy time in staying a little longer. Some of things she says are calling herself his wife and the love of his life.

The Crime SceneEdit

  • Jake gets obsessed with solving a case so much that he brings the work home with him. Amy is sleeping in their dark bedroom this one night but wakes up to seeing Jake standing over her holding a knife with a crazed look in his eyes. Jake doesn't realize how creepy he looks and nonchalantly says, "Oh, hey, babe." Amy screams and her reflex makes her punch Jake in the jaws.
  • Jakes tells Amy that he's just working and asks her what's wrong with her. She asks back what is he doing and why does he have a knife. At the same time, she also sees red Post-its scattered on and around her so she asks Jake why is she covered in them. Jake tries to say something, but Amy gets more scared when she suddenly sees a stranger (CSI guy, Franco McCoy) standing in their bedroom, too.
  • Amy ends up yelling at both of them to get out of the room. Jake readily agrees ("Yeah, sounds good.") and darts out of their bedroom.

The HoneypotEdit

  • Jake takes Amy to a barrel museum. He recites what he has learned about a particular barrel from Holt to Amy. Amy then gets visibly turned on by this.

He Said, She SaidEdit

  • Jake and Amy are assigned to a sexual assault case together.
  • Amy explains to Jake how much more difficult it is to be a woman than a man. Jake listens to Amy very carefully and then admits he did not notice many of the differences in their lives.
  • Amy confesses to Jake that, at her former precinct, her boss had sexually assaulted her, saying that she "owed it to him."

The Golden ChildEdit

  • Jake asks Amy about which of the two blue plaid shirts he's holding should he wear to the upcoming dinner with her mom.
  • Amy rants about how her brother David is the favorite child, the golden boy to her parents, and wants to cancel going to tonight's dinner. Jake comforts her and says she's perfect and suggests they go. He says he will be her hype man and talk her up. He shows her an example, by complimenting her to Scully saying she is super cool. Amy is pacified and agrees to them going to the dinner.
  • Right before the dinner, supportive-husband Jake tells Amy that besides him doing the hype man thing, they should have a back-up plan to win against her brother. He creates the scenario that he will pretend to choke so that she can give him the Heimlich and save his life in front of everyone.
    • Amy thanks Jake for not trying to make her a better person and says she loves him. Jake says back that he loves her too.
  • Jake lists many of Amy's career accomplishments, to her mother Camila. When that still doesn't top what David has accomplished nor impressed Camila more, Jake broadcasts that he will chomp down on some dinner rolls recklessly and then pretends to start choking.
  • When Amy tells Jake that she cannot take being around her brother anymore for the night, Jake offers to be the reason why they have to leave the dinner early; the excuse being that his stomach hurts.
  • After David gets arrested in front of Jake, Amy, Camila, and the whole restaurant during the dinner, the following day at the Precinct Amy can't stop expressing her excitement over her brother getting arrested and that he needs her to bail him out of jail. Jake listens to her and tries to have her calm down a little at her brother being in trouble.
    • When Amy happens to say out loud that she's going to get her hair done and get a lot of good photos for the rest of her life, Jake questions if she is a bad person.
  • While Amy is taking photos in front of the Brooklyn Detention Complex where David is being held and before he's released on bail, Jake says he wants Amy to chill out but can't help getting swept up in her happiness and also jumps into taking the photos with Amy.
  • Jake suggests to Amy that they help David take down dirty cops and drug dealers of the Brazilian mob. He tells her that she will regret it if something happens to her brother. He makes the point that if her brother gets hurts but she doesn't have his back now, it will haunt her for the rest of her life.
  • Amy has a dance competition with David and tries to do a Death Drop [move] but ends up failing and hitting her head. Jake asks her if she is okay. Instead of answering him, she notices that she has become the distraction they needed to bypass the club's guards. David tells Jake to go break into the room that's not being guarded anymore, and then Amy says she's "fone" (instead of, "fine"). Jake sarcastically mocks the part where Amy mispronounced the word.
  • Jake roasted Camila, in defense of Amy and all the amazing things she's done; and goes to Amy to apologize for it. Amy says it's okay and is actually glad he said something.

The TherapistEdit

  • Terry asks Jake if he's never been to therapy. Jake admits he hasn't and doesn't need it. Terry asks Jake, "Not even after the time your wife shot you?"[1] Jake responds freely with, "Nope!"
  • Amy tells Terry that she hopes Jake will wanna keep their relationship fresh, for her, if their sex life ever take a dip.
  • Jake brags that he was able to text without looking at his phone, to send a message to Charles. Charles tells him that he just texted a bunch of crazy, weird, random letters; that went to Amy actually.


  • Jake and Amy spend time together to celebrate their one-year anniversary.
  • Jake tells Amy about how a mafia guy got shot and the bullet went straight through his nipple. Amy comments that that's "Nature's bull's-eye." Jake gasp-whispers, "Oh my god, I love the way your brain works."
  • Amy asks Jake what was his favorite part of their marriage within the full year. Jake wants to do a NBA-highlight countdown version of his "Top 5." Together they named:
    • No. 5 - The time they got their contact lenses switched. Jake says he got to see the world through Amy's eyes.
    • No. 4 - When they played laser tag and shot all the little kids, messing up Mason's birthday party.
    • No. 3 - When they shared a UberPool with [someone who looked like] Michael Caine.
    • No. 2 - Amy's most-favorite moment of their entire time as a couple. January 6th, it was the coldest night of the year and Jake put socks on Amy's feet while she slept.
    • No. 1 - (Unknown)
  • Jake and Amy have a big talk about whether or not they want to have children.
    • Jake had originally told Amy that he didn't want kids; while Amy said she does.
  • As one of the big decisions of his life that he was sure about, Jake had said asking Amy to marry him.
  • Earlier in the episode, Jake had mentioned that he saved his money up so to go to the water park.
    Around the end of the episode, Amy tells Jake that she requested next week off work so they can take an actual vacation, to the water park. He responds, "I've never been more in love with you in my entire life."
  • Jake tells Amy that he does want have kids, with her.
  • Jake had called himself a debate genius. Amy said, "Debate genius? Oh, that's very hot~" Jake comments that that's an added bonus and replies, "Ok, keep that energy up."

The Bimbo Edit

  • Jake says that he likes being underestimated and mentions how Amy's parents "don't think [he's] smart enough to learn another language" and how he's taken Spanish lessons and now understands "all the hurtful things they say about [him]".

Ticking ClocksEdit

  • Jake answers his cellphone, automatically knowing it's Amy --possibly due to the ringtone. Using FaceTime he says, "Ames, I love you but I can't talk right now." Amy had said she got an alert that the Precinct is on lockdown.
  • Jake tells Amy about having to find a hacker and that they talked about her having an unhealthy "Fear of missing out on work" -- FOMOW (/fōmō/). Amy disagrees and says she's not freaking out or anything.
    • But next thing Jake (and the audience) sees is Amy screaming at someone off-screen about trying to steal her cab. He doesn't even flinch at this side of his wife.
  • Amy tells Jake that she can make it to the Precinct in 10 minutes, that she loves him, and that he better not solve the case without her.
  • The next time Amy calls Jake, she says she's almost at the Precinct and ends up yelling at Jake to not dare to hang up on her. Jake has Amy on his cellphone listening to the rest of the squad, Capt. Holt, and Sgt. Knox trying to figure out who and where the hacker is.
    • Upon Amy telling Jake to turn the phone around (to the front) so she doesn't miss anything and Holt questioning if Sgt. Santiago suffering from FOMOW, Jake mouths, 'Yes, she is.' (behind & away from the phone screen).

Cinco de Mayo Edit

  • During the heist, Holt plans for Amy to tell Jake she's pregnant with their daughter and has a sonogram and positive pregnancy test ready on-hand. Amy decides against this because she doesn't want to lie to Jake.
  • When Jake is in the lead during the heist, Amy tases Jake with the FitBit she got him for Christmas that had a taser in it.
  • When Amy has the medical bracelet, Jake tases her with the pen he got her for Christmas that also had a taser in it. When he threatens to tase her again, she tells him she's pregnant and he's ecstatic until Holt reveals it was a hoax.

Running Gags Edit

"Title of Amy's Sex Tape" Edit

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A recurring joke in the show is Jake using double entendres to insult Amy's sex life. The first occurrence was in M.E. Time, though it was during the Halloween episode that he first reference the titles of her sex tapes. He continues making these jokes well into their romantic relationship, including while proposing marriage.

Blaming Amy Edit

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Another recurring joke involving the couple, is Jake always trying to push the blame off of himself and onto Amy.

Charles’ Obsession with Jake and Amy’s RelationshipEdit

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A joke that is often used on the show is Charles and his involvement in Jake and Amy’s romantic relationship. Charles uses every opportunity to be part of their relationship. Charles is the "third wheel" of Jake and Amy's relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • While filming the third kiss for Johnny and Dora, executive producer Dan Goor repeatedly told the actors that the kiss should be tender. [2][3]
  • Jake pinpoints the exact moment he figures out that he wanted to marry Amy. He says that it is on April 28th, 2017, while they are laying in bed. The exact moment is when Amy, exasperatedly, points out that her crossword puzzle has a typo in it.
  • Jake and Amy started dating sometime in late May 2015, during the events of New Captain.[4]
  • They got engaged on November 1st, 2017, right after the midnight conclusion of The Annual Halloween Heist.
  • Jake and Amy's wedding date is May 15th, 2018, a Tuesday, although the wedding episode didn't air until May 20th.
  • Santiago is a Spanish name derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. Amy is a French name (originally spelled Aimee) which means beloved. This means that Amy Santiago can be translated into "Jacob's Beloved".
  • Fans often call the couple Peraltiago.

Peraltiago parenthood Edit

In the show the possible future parenthood and parenthood considerations appear. It is often Charles Boyle who seems to have high hopes for his best friend Jake to have children in the future.

Charles' hopes:

  • S3Ep9 1:44
  • S3Ep21 6:50
  • S4Ep10 15:57; 18:22
  • S4Ep16 7:27
  • S5Ep22 16:38

Jake's & Amy's reaction to parenthood:

  • S4Ep10 15:56
  • S4Ep16 19:10
  • S6Ep12 5:00
  • S6Ep16 15:03

Quotes Edit

Jake: No matter what happens, you're not allowed to fall in love with me.
Amy: Won't be a problem. (The Bet)

Jake: The truth is our job isn't always great. I mean, sometimes it sucks. But, it sucks a little less when I get to do it with you. (Operation: Broken Feather)

Jake: What do you think Amy sees in Teddy?
Charles: So, you do like her.
Jake: I'm just curious. I mean, I guess he's okay-looking. And he's a good cop. They're both kind of dorky about police stuff. Also, he set the course record, but that's nothing. I broke it, like, 20 minutes later.
Charles: You want to know why she went out with him and not you?
Jake: Yeah.
Charles: Because he actually asked her out. (Tactical Village)

Jake: I don't know what's gonna happen on this assignment, and if something bad goes down, I think I'd be pissed at myself if I didn't say this. I kinda wish something could happen between us, romantic-styles. (Charges and Specs)

Jake: The thing I said to you before I went undercover, about how I wish something could happen between us romantically, that wasn't nothing. That was real.
Amy: What are you saying?
Jake: I know that you're with Teddy. I'm not trying to change that. And I get there's stuff I can't control. But this morning I told you that I didn't mean any of it, and that was a lie. I just don't want to hold anything back.
Amy: Well, thank you for saying that. (Undercover)

Teddy: And if you ask me, I think it's because Amy liked you back.
Jake: Did you?
Amy: Maybe. Yes. A little. (The Road Trip)

Jake: I mean, don't get me wrong. I am thrilled to know that you used to like me, and I will bring it up constantly.
Amy: Great. [Said sarcastically]
Jake: Hey, should we make a left up here at you-used-to-like-me lane, or...
Amy: Ha, ha. [Said sarcastically]
Jake: I could always just cut across at Amy-used-to-like-Jake boulevard.
Amy: Okay, stop it, or I'll crash the car.
Jake: Don't do that. [Said mockingly]
Amy: [Grabs the steering wheel, from Jake]
Jake: [Resisting] Ah errr-ingg~ (The Road Trip)

Jake: I referred to myself as "El Baboso" to several beautiful Latina ladies.
Charles: Ah, that's your type, isn't it Jakey? Sophia and Santi-
Jake: [Stammers loudly] (The Wednesday Incident)

Rosa: Look, if you want to give her a real choice, you've got to let her know that you are an option. (Det. Dave Majors)

Amy: He makes me laugh.
Jake: And, you know, there's really no one else's opinion who I care about more than hers. (Johnny and Dora)

Amy: Thank you for doing this. I love you.
Jake: Noice, smort... I love you too. (The Cruise)

Amy: And it's midnight, so I guess I'm an amazing human/genius.
Jake: Yeah. Although...You might wanna read the inscription on that there belt.
Amy: Why? Oh, no, what does it say? "Amy Santiago, will you marry me?"
Jake: Surprise.
Amy: I'm so confused. I don't know what's happening right now.
Jake: "I'm so confused, I don't know what's happening right now," title of your sex tape.
Amy: "Oh my god. I'm shaking, I'm definitely gonna cry." Title of your sex tape... Wait, is this really happening? Is this part of the heist? If this is part of the heist, I will dump you so hard.
Jake: No, please. Ames, look, it's really happening, okay? It's not part of the heist. I promise, this is real.
Amy: It is?
Jake: Yeah. Okay, here it goes. Ames, I love you. I love how smart you are. I love how beautiful you are. I love your face, and I love your butt. I should've written this down first.
Amy: No, no, it's okay. Go on.
Jake: I love how much you pretend to like "Die Hard."
Amy: I like the second one.
Jake: You don't have to.
Amy: Okay.
Jake: Yeah... You're kind, and you're funny, and you're the best person I know, and the best detective. Also, for reals, I love your butt.
Amy: I love yours too.
Jake: Gross.
Amy: [Chuckles]

Jake: Amy Santiago... Will you marry me?
Amy: Jake Peralta, I will marry you.
Jake: [Big sigh of relief]
Amy: [Big sigh of relief]
Jake & Amy: [Go in together for a big kiss & smooch]
Amy: I love you so much. (HalloVeen)

Jake: Ames, today has been a crazy day. But I shouldn't be surprised because we've had a lot of crazy days. There was our first date, our first kiss, the first time you told me you loved me, and the day you told me you would marry me. Also, yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, because every single day that I get to be with someone as amazing as you is crazy to me. I love you, and I'm worried about dancing in front our friends. The end.
Amy: Okay, well, I've been planning this wedding for the last six months, and if you told me yesterday everything that was gonna go wrong, I would have had a panic attack that sent me into the ER. But I'm here, and I've never been happier. Life is unpredictable. Not everything's in our control, but as long as you're with the right people, you can handle anything. And you, Jake Peralta, are the right person for me. But I do have some bad news. There is a bomb at this wedding as well.
Jake: What?
Amy: Your butt. Your butt is the bomb. There will be no survivors.
Jake: [on the verge of tears] I love you so much. You're my dream girl.
Amy: I love you, too. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. (Jake & Amy)

Jake [dressed as Melvil Dewey for role-playing]: Hello.
Amy [dressed as Holly Gennaro for role-playing]: Oh, my God. Are you Melvil Dewey?
Jake: Indeed I am. I invented the Dewey decimal system, but right now I'm working on the Do-me decimal system.
Amy: Mm-hmm, yeah. This is really working for me.
Jake: Really?
Amy: Yeah.
Jake: Awesome.
Amy: So, Mr. Dewey, can you save me from the terrorists that have taken over Nakatomi Plaza?
Jake: Yes, Holly Gennaro, I just need to file them in the library card catalog.
Amy: Yeah, this is really hard to track. Let's just take our clothes off.
Jake: Oh, thank God. This old jacket is so hot. (Honeymoon)

Amy: I just want a quick peek at your attendance record. Zero absences? Oh mama~ Printing this for later.
Jake: Keep it in your pants, Santiago!
Amy: Oh, that's exactly where it's going.
Jake: [Shakes his his head but smiles at the same time]
Amy: Yeah, and look at this. You did so much community service. Me like-y. (The Tattler)

Jake: The point is, I came to comfort you.
Amy: Aw, thanks. But, I actually feel really great. I spent my whole life trying to beat David at something. But, when you were in danger... [sighs] I just didn't care anymore [about beating my brother].
Jake: [Smiles appreciatively]
Amy: All I wanted was just for you to be okay.
Jake: [Smiles bigger with tender appreciation]
Amy: I may never have [my picture on] the mantle [in my parents' home], but it doesn't matter... 'cause I have you.
Jake: Well, I'm very proud of you. (The Golden Child)

Jake: The point is, I came to comfort you.
Amy: Aw, thanks. But, I actually feel really great. I spent my whole life trying to beat David at something. But, when you were in danger... [sighs] I just didn't care anymore [about beating my brother].
Jake: [Smiles appreciatively]
Amy: All I wanted was just for you to be okay.
Jake: [Smiles bigger with tender appreciation]
Amy: I may never have [my picture on] the mantle [in my parents' home], but it doesn't matter... 'cause I have you.
Jake: Well, I'm very proud of you. (The Golden Child)

Jake: Okay, look. Amy, I'm scared, okay? I'm scared that we're gonna have a child and I won't be able to handle it, I'm scared that I'm not gonna be a good father, and I'm scared that I'll make a mistake I can't take back.
Amy: Jake, I get it. I'm scared too.
Jake: Every other big decision I've made in my life I was sure about: becoming a cop, asking you to marry me... (Casecation)

References Edit

  1. Coral Palms Pt. 3
  4. In The Swedes, episode set in November 2015, Jake's trying to think of a gift for their six-month anniversary.
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