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Jake's Nana used to watch young Jake and Gina after school while their mothers were at work. When she passed away, she left her apartment to Jake.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In The Apartment, Jake asks Captain Holt for a cool half million dollars to buy his grandmother's apartment. Gina is upset that he might lose the apartment and goes with him to help him keep it. Jake is having problems keeping it as her apartment had always been rent controlled but he had to buy it now or it would be taken away. Gina and Jake look through his finances and even go to a loan shark, to see if they can get the money to keep Nana's apartment. Gina offers to buy the apartment and rent it back to Jake so he can stay in Nana's apartment but Jake rejects her and doesn't take her seriously. Later, Jake says that Gina should buy the apartment.


Jake Peralta[]

Jake is shown to be very fond of Nana as he and Gina would go to her place after school, since both their parents worked. Nana was probably also fond of Jake as she left him her apartment in her will. 

Gina Linetti[]

Gina was very close as she would hang out at Nana's after school. She says that Nana turned her into the strong, sensuous woman she is now (Terry thinks that that is a weird way to describe a grandmother's influence). Gina always loved Nana's apartment and is happy when Jake suggests she lives there.


  • It's possible that Nana is the same grandmother that Amy reveals called Jake Pineapples, during Old School.
  • In Windbreaker City, Jake mentions that his grandmother sent a slightly racist text. It is not likely that Nana was the grandmother who sent this.
  • In A Tale Of Two Bandits, Jake says that all of his grandparents are alive, contradicting Nana's passing.