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Into the Woods is the 6th episode of Season Three of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired on November 8, 2015.

Episode Synopsis[]

Jake and Charles talk Terry into going camping. Rosa receives relationship advice from Holt, while Gina helps Amy prepare for a presentation.


Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle are in S.W.A.T. gear and preparing for a raid on a criminal exchange. As Jake checks his equipment, Boyle reminds Jake to eat his breakfast, informing him that he put a breakfast bar inside one of Jake's pouches. Having digested the bar, Jake ziplines and crashes through the window and delivers his prepared line, "Hey there, sorry for dropping in." Jake then asks if the moment was cool and wonders what went wrong with his delivery when Boyle awkwardly tells him it was "pretty cool". One of the criminals then reveals to Jake that he has a smudge of fudge from his cheek after eating the breakfast In the bullpen, Jake recounts the raid to the squad, sans the detail of having fudge on his cheek. Terry Jeffords is annoyed that Jake unnecessarily broke a window during the raid, as he now has to spend the weekend doing paperwork for it. As Terry leaves, Jake tells Boyle they will be able to make it up to Terry. Meanwhile, Marcus greets Captain Holt after having lunch with Rosa Diaz. After Marcus leaves, Holt tells Rosa that he has deduced that she plans to break up with him and she admits that she is indeed planning to. Wanting Rosa to let Marcus down easy since Marcus is his nephew, Holt tries to advise Rosa on how she plans to break up with him and approves of her plan to simply send a text while Marcus is sleeping that reads "We're done. Goodbye." In the briefing room, Jake tells Terry that Amy Santiago did the paperwork for Terry so that his weekend would be free, and invites Terry to come camping with him and Boyle at Detective Lohank's cabin. Terry initially turns Jake down, but relents when Jake convinces him that a weekend in the woods could help him with his stress. In the bullpen, Amy asks Gina Linetti for help in preparing for her presentation to the head of purchasing for the NYPD, to convince him to utilize her childhood design of a magnetic shoulder clip on flashlight. Gina agrees to help Amy, but insists on giving her an entire makeover, even though the presentation is the next day. Terry, Jake and Boyle are driving to Lohank's cabin and the trio are excited about the various activities that they plan to do over the weekend. When they arrive at the cabin however, Lohank ominously welcomes them to "Stinkpuddle Manor". Before leaving, Lohank informs the trio that the cabin has no electricity, heat or running water and that the woods are currently riddled with sinkholes. In Holt's office, Holt informs Rosa that after telling Kevin Cozner how Rosa plans to breakup with Marcus, Kevin was appalled and called them sociopaths. Rosa dreads having to sit down and talk with Marcus, as the latter is a very emotional person. Having visited an online female dating website, Holt gains advice from an article that suggests Rosa acknowledges the feelings that Marcus has. Holt then practices with Rosa, but they both believe that acknowledging how Marcus feels entails merely bluntly stating "Your sadness is noted." In the woods, the trio attempt to go fishing but Boyle and Jake face mishaps doing so. Learning from their mistakes, Terry manages to successfully launch the hook of his fishing rod into the water, but they immediately grow bored of fishing and head back to the cabin. In the precinct briefing room, Gina advices Amy on how to make her presentation more captivating. She then gives a captivating demonstration for Amy, calling her product the "Shoulder Nova" and ends with "I am Vanessa Santiago, and I am about to blow your minds." A confused Amy asks if Gina wants her to change her name to Vanessa, to which the latter replies that she desperately does. In the cabin, Terry learns in horror that Jake did not bring any food, even though they made 3 stops on the way to purchase fireworks. Boyle tells them he is confident that he is able to forage for dinner in the woods and leaves. Five hours later, the sun begins to set and Boyle has yet to return, leading Terry and Jake to conclude something terrible has happened to Boyle.

Jake and Terry go out into the woods to look for Boyle but they lose track of their surroundings. Terry chides Jake for not bringing any navigation equipment to prevent them from getting lost, and Jake scoffs that all they require is his cellphone, only to find that his phone's battery has died. At the precinct kitchen, Rosa has broken up with Marcus and informs Holt. She reveals that they ended up talking about their feelings for 20 minutes, to Holt's horror. Rosa tells Holt that she is glad she was able to tell Marcus how much he meant to her regardless, and walks away in tears. In the woods, Jake and Terry hear Boyle crying out for help and finds that he is trapped in a large sinkhole. Terry attempts to lower Jake to lift Boyle up, but his ankle rolls and they both fall into the hole with Boyle. Meanwhile, Amy and Gina give a captivating presentation at the meeting. While the head of NYPD purchasing enjoyed their presentation, he refuses to purchase Amy's product, as he sees no need for it. Amy leaves in embarrassment as Gina berates the purchasing head. In the woods, Jake tries to calm Terry down but Terry yells at Jake for the past events, and points out that the only reason Jake is not worried is everyone around him takes responsibility for the situation instead of him. As they continue to argue, Boyle tells them to stop fighting and to huddle together for warmth. In the morning, Boyle and Terry find that Jake is missing. Jake calls out to them while sitting in a tree in his undergarments. Jake explains that he decided to take responsibility and use his clothes to form a rope with the bucket they had so that he could climb out, and then proceeded to climb a tree that is full of poison ivy. Terry notes that Jake must have taken his lecture to heart and Jake admits he did, especially after Boyle also told Jake that he was wrong in this situation after Terry fell asleep. In the tree, Jake is able to spot where the cabin is. In Holt's office, Holt apologizes to Rosa for meddling in how she should have broken up with Marcus. Rosa in turn apologizes for crying the previous day, and confides in Holt that while she loved Marcus, she was not ready for marriage while Marcus was. She fears that she may never be ready, and may have destroyed her only chance at love. Holt acknowledges her feelings and they both begin crying. Gina sits down at Amy's desk to comfort her about how the presentation went. Amy apologizes for wasting Gina's time, but Gina insists that Amy's creation was a great idea, and that a girl like Amy who lived in her building loved it. After arriving back in New York, Terry meets Jake and Boyle at the NYPD bomb disposal site. Terry shows them that he has assembled all of the fireworks Jake had into a huge pile and invites Jake to light them. As Jake lights them up and they begin to explode, Jake realizes that they are standing too close and they proceed to run away.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Norm Scully
Nick Cannon ... Marcus
Matt Walsh ... Detective Lohank
Anthony M. Bertram ... Lt. Ian Hink
Matt Lasky ... Zubb



  • Lohank incorrectly says that his sense of smell was affected by radiation treatment for prostate cancer. In reality, radiation treatment is highly localized, and it would be impossible for prostate treatment to impact the sense of smell in any way.
  • Holt incorrectly calls the slashes in the URL he recites backslashes. Internet addresses only use forward slashes, while backslashes are reserved for accessing local computer files. Holt would have known the difference due to his impeccable grasp of grammar and punctuation.