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The Holt-Kevin Relationship is the relationship between Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) and Professor Kevin Cozner (Marc Evan Jackson). They are married, having renewed their wedding vows after a brief separation in season 8. They have been together since the '70s when Kevin interviewed Holt for a New Yorker article and first got married when same-sex marriage became legal in NY in 2011.


Season One[]

The Party[]

  • Holt makes Kevin invite the squad to his birthday party.
  • Kevin reveals the reason why he dislikes "cop talk" is because of the discrimination Holt has faced for being a gay police officer in the NYPD. This is also his reasoning for not wanting to invite the 99 to the party.
  • Holt and Kevin finish the night with dinner at a restaurant Holt has always wanted to come to whilst being serenaded by Scully.
  • Kevin shows that he thinks Holt is incredibly funny, contrary to how everyone in the 99 thinks of Holt.

Season Two[]

The Wednesday Incident[]

  • Gina and Jake go to Kevin to figure out what caused Holt's bad mood.
  • Kevin finds out that Holt was lightly stabbed while three men tried to mug him. He is furious that Holt has kept this a secret from him because he cares about him and his safety.
  • Holt and Kevin reason and then Kevin gives Gina rock painting 367, and Jake rock 59.

Boyle-Linetti Wedding[]

  • Holt tells Terry that at the time of his marriage to Kevin, they were unsure whether gay marriage would remain legal, leading to them rushing through their vows. This led to an inside joke between Holt and Kevin ("I wish the officiant had been more efficient") that Kevin finds hilarious.
  • The two of them consider a more "festive" ceremony than their original one.

Season Three[]

The Swedes[]

  • Kevin leaves for Paris to teach at the Sorbonne for six months.
  • Holt asks Charles to sub in for Kevin at a Squash tournament that the two of them have won for the past several years.
  • Kevin and Holt are banned for life from the tournament after Charles destroys the court and the rackets.

Season Four[]

Skyfire Cycle[]

  • Kevin and Holt argue about the Monty Hall Problem, though Rosa notes they're likely just stressed because Holt is stuck on the night shift.
  • Their feud is resolved after they are implied to have had sex. (BONE!)

Season Five[]

Two Turkeys[]

  • Kevin and Holt return from their yearly trip to Saratoga Springs, where they purchased an English Walnut Pie from the Cottage Inn to bring to Kevin's parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The pie goes missing, and it is discovered that Kevin threw it out because the pie is disgusting and he knew that his parents would hate it, which could result in them treating Holt even worse.
  • They decide to continue to make the yearly trip to Saratoga without purchasing the pie.

Safe House[]

  • Kevin has to go to a safe house after being threatened by Seamus Murphy; Jake joins him since he thinks it is his fault.
  • Holt gets very intense about the safety and security measures at the house.
  • After two months, they get into a "vicious fight" over letting him visit the library for just two hours, which ends with Kevin doubting whether their relationship will last once it is over.
  • Holt (and Jake) get kidnapped by Murphy, and Kevin saves them by driving a truck through the building wall. They make up.

Season Six[]

The Bimbo[]

  • Kevin secretly asks Jake for help solving a robbery that occurred at the university in his department. Holt finds out when Kevin lies and says he would be okay sitting in any section at a concert.
  • Holt embarrassed himself at a dinner party with Kevin's colleagues, causing a "kerfuffle." They reveal that Kevin's colleagues think Holt is just some bimbo.
  • Kevin stands up to his colleagues at the end of the episode, saying he is proud of Raymond for trying to make the world better with his job.
  • Kevin tells Holt, "You make me want to have a wetter brain". They share a (seemingly) romantic handshake, as Jake calls them "hella specific".

Season Seven[]


  • Holt tries to support Kevin after Cheddar is kidnapped.
  • When the kidnapper demands to meet with Kevin, Holt refuses, saying that he cannot put his husband in harm's way.

Season Eight[]

The Good Ones[]

  • The weight of the past year with being a black man and a police captain took a toll on his personal life and affected his relationship with Kevin, leading them to separate.
  • Holt reveals to Amy that he has been having a hard time since he and Kevin split up.

The Lake House[]

  • Jake arranges a "parent trap" to make Holt and Kevin rekindle their relationship and invites them both to the lake house.
  • After much avoidance, Holt and Kevin start bonding, only for Kevin to leave because he assumes that Holt does not have feelings for him anymore. Holt is devastated and misinterprets this action as Kevin having moved on from him.
  • Jake meddles, and Holt calls Kevin. They realize that they still love and care for each other. They end up going to couples therapy.


  • Holt moves in with Rosa and laments that even after three sessions with the couple's therapist, they are not back together yet.
  • Holt and Rosa get drunk, and Holt emails Kevin a dick pic which they then have to delete from Kevin's computer.
  • Rosa helps Holt realize Kevin misses him and tells Holt to tell Kevin he misses him as well. Holt interprets this as instructions to send him a dick pic. Kevin replies by sending "a bar graph with two robust data sets", which Holt says can only be seen as an interpretation of a penis.

Game of Boyles[]

  • Holt sees couples therapy as a chess match and refuses to compromise with Kevin on his job.
  • He attempts online dating and quickly gets disappointed.
  • Holt worries that he'd lost Kevin forever before Kevin runs to the precinct in the rain, and they share a sensual kiss.


  • Kevin and Holt hold a ceremony for a vow renewal.
  • Holt works a case in the background, which goes south, and Kevin saves him.
  • Holt reveals he was planning on quitting the NYPD, and Kevin reveals he didn't want him to quit.


  • They are very serious about work-life balance; cop stories and literary analyses are not told in their home.
  • They went to Paris on their first wedding anniversary and shared a Croque-Monsieur on a rainy afternoon.
    • Holt makes this for Kevin again for their anniversary in the episode "The Road Trip."
  • They are both licensed debate moderators. ("Casecation")
  • They consider a strong handshake to be a form of serious PDA.
  • The Halloween Heist championship cumberbund from season 2 was hanging in their living room. ("Cinco de Mayo")
  • According to their time with the couples therapist, it is found out that:
    • Kevin thinks Holt is a sore loser at Scrabble, which is confirmed when Holt knows that he has won 78% of their games.
    • Kevin says that Holt is a workaholic and a liar.
  • They used to share socks before their separation.
  • Holt says that his flirting would have been if he'd texted him "a scatter plot of educational attainment versus caloric intake in Jacobin France" and that the dick pic he sent Kevin might as well have been a bar graph.