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Hitchcock and Scully have been partners for 30 years, and have been mistaken of being a gay couple in the NYPD. They are close friends, and are known to hang out on weekends, either at home or at the dog track. They often plan small schemes together, such as faking Scully's birthday to get the other officers to give them money, or stealing snacks from the other detectives.

They are considered "House Mouses" good for sitting at their desks and doing paperwork.


Season One[]

The Party[]

  • Hitchcock says how he loves Scully's opera, and is moved to tears.
  • A party guest mistakes Hitchcock and Scully to be a gay couple.

Season Two[]


  • Scully is worried the whole episode during the lockdown when Hitchcock is trapped on the precinct balcony.

Beach House[]

  • Scully and Hitchcock try to convince Holt to invest in a sunken casino.

Season Three[]

Halloween, Part III[]

  • Neither Hitchcock nor Scully were chosen to be on Captain Holt's or Jake's team for this year's Halloween heist-contest, so they decide to hold a bet between themselves about they will steal Scully's foot fungus cream.

The Mattress[]

  • In the cold opening, Scully brings in a Mason jar of lemonade and tells Jake about it. When just 5 minutes before that, Hitchcock had introduced Jake to his new goldfish who lives a Mason jar that looks identical to Scully's. Hitchcock and Scully are showing their respective jars each other, while Jake makes predictions to the Squad about what Hitchcock or Scully might mistakenly do. Before they make the bet, Hitchcock swallows his own goldfish.

9 Days[]

  • Scully and Hitchcock fight over a meatball sub, then later go on a hunger strike after Terry takes it away from them.

House Mouses[]

  • Jake gives Scully and Hitchcock a case. When Hitchcock gets kidnapped, Jake, Terry and Scully go to save him as soon as possible without hesitation.

Season Four[]

The Slaughterhouse[]

  • Scully and Hitchcock has a huge fight, that lasts the whole episode, about Scully skipping his usual dinner at Wing Slutz with Hitchcock so he could have dinner with Cindy Shatz instead, thus breaking their bro code.

Season Five[]

Two Turkeys[]

  • Unlike how they usually seem, Hitchcock and Scully use their deductive reasoning to figure out that there is a pie inside the box Captain Holt is holding.

Season Six[]

Hitchcock & Scully[]

  • A case of Hitchcock and Scully from the 1980s gets re-investigated by Jake and Charles. Also, the audience gets to see how cool Hitchcock and Scully's dynamic was when they were young and how they went from bad-ass hunks in the past compared to who they are currently.

He Said, She Said[]

  • Since Holt had given Hitchcock a week off, Scully misses his partner. He is sad and mopey around the 99th Precinct; especially in the break room when Scully snapped at Jake that there is no one who is talking to Hitchcock.

The Bimbo[]

  • While most of the squad is talking about the budget cuts Commissioner Kelly made, Hitchcock and Scully alternates in their complaints.

"Hitchcock: The toilet paper's only one ply now.

Scully: My butt hurts all the time.
  Hitchcock: The A/C is broken.
  Scully: My butt hurts all the time.

Hitchcock: Scully's butt hurts all the time."

Later in the episode, Hitchcock and Scully are appointed as judges for the 99th precinct's lunch-off.

"Scully: Oh my God, are we high status, Hitchcock?

Hitchcock:'I think so.

Scully:What a world..."

Hitchcock and Scully then clasp hands.

Ticking Clocks[]

  • They attempt to cook the perfect lasagna.