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Hercules Thikalonos is the husband of Eleanor Horstweil, a close friend of Charles', and both his former landlord and lawyer.

Throughout the Series[]

Season One[]

In The Bet, Jake mentions that he won't take advice from Charles as he lives in Hercules' basement which he reveals he is embarrassed about. Later, Charles says that Hercules is actually a very nice landlord, even letting him use the hot tub when he and Eleanor go out.

Season Two[]

In Chocolate Milk, Charles is annoyed that his sister had to cancel on him as he was supposed to attend Eleanor and Hercules' engagement party. The theme of the party is "Jamaican me marry you" as the two are frequent travellers to Jamaica. Rosa agrees to be Charles' date and also says that she will help him move out of Hercules' basement.

Season Three[]

In Hostage Situation, Charles reveals that Hercules is actually a nice guy and a close friend of his (such as the two attending bingo together) meaning he doesn't want to bring Hercules into the hostage situation. He also reveals that Hercules was the lawyer mediating Charles and Eleanor's divorce, which is how Eleanor managed to get so much from Charles.


  • Hercules is possibly of Greek descent as his name and surname sound of Greek origin.
  • He is named after Heracles of Greek/Hercules of Roman Mythology.