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"Halloween II" is the 4th episode of Season Two and 26th overall of the FOX television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It originally aired 19th October 2014 to 5.23 million viewers.

Episode Synopses[]

The Peralta and Holt annual Halloween bet continues when Jake challenges the Captain that he can steal his watch before midnight. Meanwhile, Gina is upset that her dance team, Floorgasm, kicks her off the squad and Terry confronts her about her bad attitude.


Cold Open:

Charles enters the break room, talking about how he dresses up in a costume every year and nobody gets what he is. Rosa says he's an adult man who enjoys dressing up. Charles laughs this off and says that the squad are going to pick his costume, to which they all grumble. Charles walks in in a variety of costumes including a pumpkin. (which Jake says is Ms Pacman's nipple - according to Charles, that's brown and Amy asks why he knows that.) His next costume is Shakespearean and this also gets declined. Then he dresses up as He-Man and Jake thinks he's either Joan of Arc, Rod Stewart or Martha Stewart. Gina chimes in with Gay Robin Hood.



Jake is at his desk waiting for Holt to arrive. He asks Holt if he knows what day it is. Holt explains that the day before was the birthday of legendary Dutch flautist Frans Brüggen, and a week ago was October 24th - so it's Halloween. Jake asks what happened last Halloween and Holt recalls listening to the CD he'd bought of the Frans Brüggen birthday concert. Holt recalls the events of last year's Halloween and the consequences of Jake being able to steal his Medal of Valor.

Jake says it's time for Round Two of their Halloween bet and says he will make it more difficult for himself this year and suggests stealing Holt's watch from his wrist by midnight. Holt seemingly declines and suggests that they don't do it at all this year, saying its not worth the trouble, disappointing Jake. Jake offers to work five weeks overtime for free if he loses and Holt agrees, in return for doing Jake's paperwork for a week if Jake wins.

Break Room:

Terry is explaining to Gina, Amy and Rosa about handing out safety pumpkins to neighbourhood kids on Halloween being a cornerstone in community relations. Rosa complains that it's boring but Terry suggests an assembly line to make the time go quicker. Gina says its a great idea but asks if she can skip doing it, saying she has an urgent matter to attend to. Terry agrees, telling her to come back and help when she's done. Amy complains that Terry let Gina go but Terry says he's learned to give her the benefit of the doubt over the last year. Rosa questions what kind of urgent event Gina could have to attend to, saying that she's already checked herself out in every reflective surface around the precinct, including Amy's lip gloss - which apparently made Gina look better when Amy frowned.

Briefing Room:

Jake jumps out from behind the door and welcomes everyone to a briefing about the Holt-Peralta Halloween bet. He is wearing a tuxedo that he bought off a disgraced magician to class up this year's event. Jake has planned for this for three months and gives everyone a role and a codename.

Rosa - Dagger

Terry - Hammer

Amy - Hall Monitor

Scully and Hitchcock - Scully and Hitchcock

Boyle - Deuce

Jake has employed a thief called Dan 'Fingers' McCreary to pull off the theft as Holt would suspect everyone else after they helped Jake last year. Rosa has arrested Fingers twice for pickpocketing. Amy complains that a criminal is helping Jake to which he tells her to grow up. Jake tells the squad that they will work together as a team to get Holt into position for Fingers to remove the watch and replace it with a replica. Terry wonders how Jake knows that Fingers is a good thief as he's already been arrested twice - Fingers has managed to take wallets, phones and even Charles' croissant during Jake's speech.

Outside Holt's office:

In a tuxedo, Jake approaches Holt's office window and asks if he would like to join him at the opera this evening. Holt declines, saying he will stay in his locked office with his watch on his wrist. Jake brings in Scully to sing opera. Terry smashes the handle on Holt's office door, and Rosa drops a smoke grenade through the gap. Amy blocks Holt's path with perps and Boyle drops a bag of marbles from the ceiling. Jake controls a drone which crashes into Fingers, who falls over - Jake hands the controls of the drone to Amy and blames her.

Holt tells Jake that's enough and Scully keeps singing. Holt apologises to Fingers, who says he's there so someone can check his son's candy. Holt helps him up and apologises as Fingers switches the watches. Holt gets a member of staff to check the bag of candy and tells Fingers that if Fingers needs anything he can contact him and shakes his hand.

Holt says the events went too far even though they were in the spirit of a friendly bet.

Shaw's Bar, 7.22pm

Jake and Charles arrive at the bar. Jake greets Hank, the bartender - saying that a tall nimble-fingered man named McCreary left a package for Jake at the bar. Hank hands over the package as Charles decides to make a video of Jake receiving it. Inside is a note that reads 'Thanks for the watch.' McCreary has stolen the watch.

99th Precinct, 7.28pm

As a man fixes the handle on Holt's office door, Jake and Charles arrive back. Jake says it's not over yet and says he has two hours to find Fingers and get Holt's watch back. Charles says Fingers could be anywhere, even Canada - where there are so many forests that make Canada a giant hiding place. Jake asks Charles to be positive as he looks up Fingers' arrest records, past addresses and known associates.

Holt would like to ask a favor of Jake - Charles excuses himself. Holt asks Jake to pause the bet for ten minutes as Kevin is bringing dinner to his office and he doesn't think Kevin would appreciate the bet, due to the watch being given to Holt by Kevin's father when he died.

Jake agrees and tells Charles that Fingers just texted to ask Jake to meet.


Terry, Amy and Rosa are handing out safety buckets to children from the neighbourhood. Gina arrives and Rosa complains that they had to fill 400 buckets without her. Gina steals a piece of candy from a child and says she only dropped by to pick up a healthy snack but must leave again as she's still tending to the urgent matter. When Amy asks what the matter is, Gina says she's been practicing her dance moves as her dance troupe is performing that night. Terry is annoyed as he defended Gina and says her urgent matter is practicing for a stupid dance show. Gina says her life is literally a Step Up movie, to which Terry replies she should buckle down and take her job seriously so her boss doesn't kill her. Gina says she's about to tell a story and tells Terry to turn on the sprinklers.


Streets of Brooklyn:

Jake and Charles arrive by an alley in Jake's car - Fingers wants to meet in this alley. Jake says they are going to go in hard and tough to take what's rightfully theirs. Fingers demands 300 dollars which they immediately agree to. Charles has 120 dollars and a lucky 2 dollar bill which they hand over along with Jake's shoes. Jake asks for the watch back but Fingers says they had it all along - after he put it in the glove compartment of Jake's car.

On the way back to the car, Charles notices Jake's car being towed after he parked in front of a hydrant. Jake jumps in a shopping trolley and Boyle pushes him to try and catch up with the tow-truck.

They round a corner and lose sight of the tow-truck as Jake complains that Boyle was going too slowly. Charles suggests catching a cab from outside a nearby bar. A group of people in bear costumes delay Jake as Charles goes up ahead and gets onto a party bus as the bears take Jake's jacket and wallet. Jake escapes from their clutches and gets onto the bus.

Jake dances with a woman dressed as a cat as he is on the bus for the next 16 blocks.


Break Room:

Terry approaches Gina and says they need to talk. Gina asks if they can not do this right now - she's in the midst of a personal tragedy. Terry asks if her family are okay and Gina says no, this is serious - her dance troupe just came by and danced her out of the group, despite her being the founder of the group - because she missed eight rehearsals. Terry agrees with the dance group and says that Gina is being irresponsible and has a bad attitude. Gina says the reason she's missed so many rehearsals is that she is going to college at night to finish her bachelor's degree. Terry is proud of her. Gina says she usually nails everything but is finding it hard to balance her studies and dancing - Terry says that she also works full time but Gina says that's not a factor. She says she's never going to dance again but Terry offers to dance with her that night.


Streets of Brooklyn:

Jake gets off the bus and asks to get tagged in some photos online. He arrives at the tow-yard and says that his car was towed and that he needs it back ASAP. The attendant asks if Jake has an NYPD badge but Jake thinks it was stolen on the bus. The attendant says that Jake can just show his licence and pay using a credit card to get it out but Jake has neither of these either. Jake begs the attendant to help him but the attendant declines.

Jake climbs the fencing surrounding the vehicles and, after falling, attempts to crawl towards his car. He sees his car being lifted to be scrapped and is caught by two police officers.


Interview Room:

Holt enters and finds Jake - telling him to talk. Jake explains the events of the evening and says that he lost the watch but hopes that tonight's events will bring he and Holt closer together. Holt says that his watch is on his wrist but Jake says it was switched and that it's fake.

However, it transpires that Holt is wearing a second watch on his wrist that is fake along with the real one. Jake realises that Holt played him, despite Jake planning for three months - and Holt was behind everything as he had been planning for a year.

On the previous Halloween, Holt started to plot his revenge on the pretence of doing Jake's paperwork. He knew Jake would try and steal something important of his so over the year Holt drew Jake's attention to his watch to annoy him into stealing it. Holt employed Fingers to work for him when Rosa originally arrested him after seeing how Jake wanted to do the same thing.

Fingers stole Holt's watch, replaced it with a replica, then put the original watch back into Holt's pocket. When Jake went to meet with Fingers to get the watch back, Amy placed a hydrant in front of Jake's car and then towed it away. The two people in bear costumes that stopped Jake in his tracks were Hitchcock and Scully - this delay meant that Terry could kidnap Charles onto the party bus. Jake asks how, if Charles was kidnapped, how could he tell him to get onto the bus?

Holt explains that he recorded Charles saying 'Jake, party bus! Toot toot!' at a briefing about a group of thieves targeting party buses, eight months ago. Jake says that he knew Charles wouldn't knowingly betray him. Jake still had his badge when he got onto the bus so would have been able to get his car back at the tow-yard. That was until a disguised Rosa danced with Jake, distracting him long enough for Holt, disguised as a partier, to steal the badge.

Jake congratulates Holt and asks if Holt really had his car scrapped. Holt says he just had the car washed and Jake says you can't wash a car. Jake wonders how Holt employed the whole squad to help him - all Holt had to do was ask them if they wanted to embarrass Jake and they instantly agreed.

Jake says that Captain Raymond Holt is an amazing detective/genius in front of everyone and warns Holt that he's just started planning the next year's heist. Holt says that he started three months ago.


Gina's Dance Grand Prix, Bar

Gina is at the bar, looking on dejectedly as her former dance troupe dance to applause. Terry approaches her and says that they are nothing without her. Terry says he spoke to Holt and the group are going to pitch in to help her manage her time to pursue dance and school - Amy volunteers to tutor her for free but Gina declines. She thanks them both. Terry and Gina dance to 'Push It'. Credits roll.


Actor Character
Andy Samberg ... Jake Peralta
Stephanie Beatriz ... Rosa Diaz
Terry Crews ... Terry Jeffords
Melissa Fumero ... Amy Santiago
Joe Lo Truglio ... Charles Boyle
Chelsea Peretti ... Gina Linetti
Andre Braugher ... Captain Ray Holt
Dirk Blocker ... Michael Hitchcock
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Scully
Apollo Robbins ... Dan "Fingers" McCreary (credited as Eric "Fingers" Martin)
Kevin Dorff ... Hank
Scott Broderick ... Police Officer
Jernard Burks ... Impound Supervisor

Cultural References[]

  • He-Man mentioned
  • Ms. Pac-Man mentioned
  • Movie "Step Up" mentioned
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift mentioned
  • Frans Brüggen mentioned


  • Jake said that he was bringing opera to Captain Holt, but Scully instead sang O Fortuna from Carmina Burana (which is not a opera song).
  • Unlike several other classical musicians mentioned in the show, Frans Brüggen actually exists in real life. His birthday does indeed fall on October 30, although there is no record of him playing a birthday concert in New York.