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Gordon Lundt was the new assistant at the 99th Precinct, work under Captain Raymond Holt for a short period. He is a young, stoic man and prefers to enjoy working in a non-fun office.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Six[]

In Honeypot, Jake Peralta had interviewed Gordon Lundt to be Raymond Holt's new assistant after Gina Linetti quit. Although Holt and Lundt appear to have very similar demeanor, Holt did not want to hire Lundt due to his seemingly flirtatious behavior toward the Captain. Jake insisted and thus Lundt joind the workforce in the 99th Precinct. But it was only temporarily because it turned out that Lundt is a spy planted by Commissioner John Kelly to find out Holt's plan, in rounding up all other Precincts' Captains who might oppose Kelly.

Holt and Jake tried to gather up evidence on the possible spying scheme but couldn't find anything, until in the middle of their investigation Lundt admitted to them outright that he was sent by Kelly to the 99th Precinct to seduce Holt and find out about the team of Captains being recruited by Holt. Lundt said he has fallen in love with Holt so he has chosen not to help Kelly anymore. What was thought to be a possible double-cross, would become a triple-cross. Jake and Holt had placed a wiretap on Lundt when he meets up with Kelly, but Lundt easily revealed Jake & Holt's plotting plan out loud to Kelly within minutes about them trying to entrap him.


  • Lundt is 174 centimeters tall (5'9").
  • Lundt can type 103 words per minute with an error of 1.6%.