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Gio Costa is a mafia boss arrested by Hitchcock and Scully, he is the main antagonist of the episode Hitchcock & Scully.

Throughout the Series[]

Season Six[]

In Hitchcock & Scully, he is first shown in a flashback in his hideout, he meets Hitchcock and Scully undercover, Hitchcock and Scully asks for 2 pounds of cocaine, he then says "That's a lot of snow.", the 2 detectives then say "And if you can't handle it, we'll be happy to find someone who can." He then asks Merissa for drinks for Hitchcock and Scully, then the 2 detectives get offended and asks if "We look like five-year old girls to you?" he then asks them to calm down. Merissa gives the drink with 2 pounds of cocaine, Gio asks if they brought cash, Hitchcock and Scully then says they brought something much better than cash, "Our guns!". Hitchcock and Scully then show their badges and fights the 2 bodyguards of Gio, unsurprisingly, they both beat them easily, Hitchcock then asks Merissa where Gio went, she points her eyes into a secret door then Hitchcock opens it and arrests Gio.

Later, Gio gets out of prison in an unknown reason (it wasn't explained in the show), he then calls Hitchcock and Scully posing as Internal Affairs saying they were interested in a case of theirs in 1986, Jake then finds out that it wasn't Internal Affairs wasn't the one who called Hitchcock and Scully not because of John Kelly, he then arrives at Wing Slutz ready to kill Merissa, Jake asks Merissa if there was another exit and Merissa says in the kitchen, Jake tells everyone including customers to go to the back exit, but Charles says he counts 3, possible 4 gunmen outside the back exit. Gio then goes around the back exit to cut them off, Hitchcock and Scully insist that they go out the back exit, Jake refuses and Charles says they dont have bulletproof vests, Scully then says that he and Hitchcock use the Slut Sauce as armor, Jake says it isn't even solid but Scully says "If you don't think the Slut Sauce is solid, then you might want to talk to my rock-hard arteries. Hitchcock and Scully gears up with the Slut Sauce and rushes through the back exit but it turns out Holt, Amy, and Terry already captured Gio Costa and his allies, Jake insists that they are safe now but, Gio Costa lets go of an officer, grabs a gun, then tries to kill Marissa, Hitchcock and Scully then catches the bullet for her, somehow the Slut Sauce prevented the bullet from reaching their bodies. Terry then kicks the gun out of Gio and is arrested. (props to Slut Sauce)


  • According to Hitchcock, Gio has good manners.