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Ginazon aka G-Hive is the name of Gina Linetti's online community. It has "legions of followers".

Throughout the series[]

In The Last Ride, Gina pranks her coworkers by giving them cement. After Gina films the captain's speech, the Ginazon helps save the precinct from being shut down.


Gina: Do you want coffee while you wait? They made me an extra one on accident.

Amy: Oh, sure. Thank you. *Spits out "coffee"* Oh my god what is that?

Gina: Cement! You just drank cement!

Gina: You know what would cheer you up? A nice bowl of miso soup.

Amy: No thanks Gina, I'm not in the mood

Scully: So, Gina is that soup up for grabs?

Gina: Scully, no. My followers are sick of watching you eat cement.